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TSISG was proud to welcome Ari Gold to the show...so much so that we jumped right into welcoming him (which is also when Ken learned that Mic 1 is actually Mic 2...oops). Ari had so many words of wisdom for the LGBT community, and, c'mon, he was a voice on Jem for gosh sake! That is just outrageous. Truly truly truly outrageous. (Also, sorry for Ari, as it turns out we lied during the interviewed...we hadn't just played the song he mentioned. Oops.)

We also had our first listener out on the street. It was a mob scene out there! And we welcomed Dr. Reed from California who gave us the news from our friends/protesters out west.

Caught - Ari Gold
Go Where the Music Takes You - Ari Gold
Kissing a Fool - George Michael
What's it Gonna be? (for Matthew Shepard) - Daniel Cartier

11/12/08 - Ari Gold