• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 5/16/13 - Kristen Ellis-Henderson & Eric Schaeffer
  • Album: This Show is So Gay
  • Track: 215
  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 23.63 MB
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz

Ken goes all KINDS of fangirl with Kristen Ellis-Henderson of Antigone Rising as they talk motherhood, magazine covers and whiskey. Then, uber-entertaining filmmaker Eric Schaeffer pops in to talk about his upcoming feature Boy Meets Girl (help fund it!) and to cast Ken in a career-defining role.

That Was the Whiskey – Antigone Rising
She’s Not Innocent – Antigone Rising

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5/16/13 - Kristen Ellis-Henderson & Eric Schaeffer