• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 9/11/14 - Tracy Baim
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  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2014
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Sometimes, we could have a guest on for hours and hours and hours and still not scratch the surface of their incredible contributions to the landscape of raising up LGBT voices.

Such is the case with Tracy Baim, the publisher and executive editor of the Windy City Media Group which produces The Windy City Times. Listen in to hear all about her incredible journey to provide an opportunity for regional LGBT voices to be heard in a world where LGBT print publications are becoming more and more scarce. It truly is an incredible story full of insight into how you too can make a difference: in media, in voice and on the soccer field.

All this and a quick shot of LGBT news with Ken.

Viola – Girlyman
Hallelujah – Coyote Grace

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9/11/14 - Tracy Baim