• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 11/19/15 - Kim David Smith
  • Album: This Show is So Gay
  • Track: 330
  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 40.51 MB
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz

This episode brought to you by the Kylie Minogue Fan Club!

We’re joined by singer/artist/cabaret star/model Kim David Smith for *quite* the fun romp covering everything from the joys of Kylie Minogue to life on the cabaret stage to why it’s important that we never ignore our lower body. And, heck, even Dannii Minogue gets a shout-out!

All this, and an extended run through this week’s LGBT news covering gay Mormons, progress in Dallas, a farewell to Bobby Jindal and kudos to Out Magazine!

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Shooting Star - Kim David Smith
Jealous - Kim David Smith

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11/19/15 - Kim David Smith