• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 12/31/15 - A (Belated and SO Gay) Christmas Carol!
  • Album: This Show is So Gay
  • Track: 336
  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2015
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Ok, FINE, the holidays are *technically* over but that silly little fact isn’t going to stop us from having some gay ole yuletide fun!

And to do that, we welcome writer/storyteller/podcaster David Montgomery to talk about life in Pittsburgh, what it’s like to get up there on stage to tell stories and how there is a trainer at the gym walking around somewhere out there who just doesn’t know the love from David he is missing.

AND, we present to you, “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” – a truly special (and SO gay) Christmas carol from David’s podcast 2 Gays, No Girls, At a Pizza Place.

All this, and a tour of the week’s latest LGBT news with Ken including the blood ban that very much is still in place no matter what people are telling you out there in the world of social media.

Download and listen in today and have a MOST amazing New Year’s celebration!

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel – 2 Gays, No Girls, At a Pizza Place
Let the River Run – Carly Simon

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12/31/15 - A (Belated and SO Gay) Christmas Carol!