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  • Title: 3/10/16 - Kathryn Hamm
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  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2016
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What’s that ringing you hear? Why I do believe it is wedding bells! So let’s celebrate!

And there’s no one with whom we’d rather talk about weddings than with one of the most inspiring wedding innovators out there: Kathryn Hamm, publisher of GayWeddings.com and education expert for WeddingWire.com! We cover everything from supportive mothers to bridal bias to Ken’s plan to get everything at his wedding for free. Seriously: this is one of our favorite recorded chats in the 7+ history of the show.

All this and a quick tour through this week’s LGBTQ news including a historic Supreme Court that hopefully sets the stage for many, many more affirmations of our rights in the future.

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3/10/16 - Kathryn Hamm