• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 4/14/16 - Cathy Renna & Jeffrey Roach
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  • Year: 2016
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Words have power. And this week we’re featuring two guests who are using their words in two very different, but powerful, ways.

First up, PR/communications guru Cathy Renna joins us for a triumphant 7th (!) appearance on our show. This time around, we talk all about her incredible relationship to Matthew Shepard’s family, the similarities between her work and teaching and the push/pull between grassroots and national movements. And, she’s getting a new cat.

Then, we’re most pleased to be joined by Jeffrey Roach, author of PopDaddy: Boy Meets Boy Meets Baby. Calling in from an undisclosed beach location, Jeffrey details the incredible journey he and his partner undertook to adopt their son. Laughter, tears, Lasik…this story has it all.

All this and a brief tour of this week’s LGBTQ news with Ken. Download and listen in today!

What Matters – Randi Driscoll

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4/14/16 - Cathy Renna & Jeffrey Roach