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  • Title: 11/9/16 - Dr. Ali Michael & Leslie Nuchow
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A slightly strange set-up for this week’s episode, but these are more than slightly strange times, so stick with us!

First up, we welcome Dr. Ali Michael to the show on the day AFTER the election. Ali penned a piece entitled “What Do We Tell The Children?” and you should check it out straightaway. It inspired this wonderful chat covering what life was like for educators the day after Donald Trump was elected and how we can go about creating a space where everyone is honored and no voice is silenced.

Then, we’re thrilled to be joined by singer/songwriter Leslie Nuchow on the day BEFORE the election. Leslie provides us with a master class on living your truth, embodying authenticity and being exactly who you need to be at the exact right time for you. And the musical notes from her new album Balm for Gilead are the perfect soundtrack to move us all forward.

Please take care of each other and we hope that this episode supports that goal. So go download and listen in today!

An Eye for an Eye (Will Leave the World Blind) - Leslie Nuchow
I Don’t Want to Die Before I Die - Leslie Nuchow

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11/9/16 - Dr. Ali Michael & Leslie Nuchow