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  • Title: 12/8/16 - Sam Irvin
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  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2016
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If you’re looking to book a beautiful vacation this holiday season, might we suggest a trip to Dante’s Cove? Because THAT would be memorable.

We’re honored to welcome award-winning director/producer Sam Irvin back to the show to talk all about the return of Dante’s Cove, the sexy gay supernatural soap opera! And, with the help of crowd-source funding, you can help bring it back to the air (and get a ton of cool perks). AND Sam gives us some filmmaking tips, Elvira memories and the secret to getting free popcorn at the movie theatre (hint: it’s all about who you know).

All that and a rainbow round-up of the latest LGBTQ news with Ken including Donald Trump’s latest appointments, NC Governor Pat McRory’s latest disappointments, and Ken’s latest exciting book news!

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Gospel Truth – Mouths of Babes

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12/8/16 - Sam Irvin