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  • Title: 2/2/17 - Ian Harvie & Dr. Jon P. Higgins
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We say it week in and week out: there are so many ways to use your voice to make a difference. And here are two more for you to enjoy!

First up, comedian/actor/change-agent Ian Harvie rejoins us three years (to the day!) after his first appearance on our show, and OH how much has changed! He tells tale of his time in Hollywood, his new comedy special, and has more than a bit to share about what comedy is life under this new president.

Then, Dr. Jon P. Higgins pops in to talk about life as a speaker, educator, thought leader, and tweeter. He shares with us his thoughts on intersectionality, what it’s like to get dialogue started out there in the world, and what we all can be doing to create the change that is so desperately needed.

All this and a brief bit of LGBTQ news with Ken including that Executive Order that wasn’t, the Executive Order that was, and the Boy Scouts of America action that was all of the above! DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN IN TODAY!

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2/2/17 - Ian Harvie & Dr. Jon P. Higgins