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  • Title: 4/27/17 - Adam J. Kurtz & E. Jag Beckford
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If you thought we were saving all the awesomeness for next week’s 400th episode, holy rainbows are you wrong!

First up, we’re joined by author/designer/artist Adam J. Kurtz, who is a delight beyond description. His work will entertain you, inspire you, and propel you forward through this wonderful life journey.

Then, E. Jag Beckford is back to talk about Rainbow Fashion Week (RFW) and she brought an incredible co-conspirator with her. RFW is coming up real soon and you are going to want to hear all about the eight days of queer fashion shows and the loud message of social responsibility and unity.

All this and a brief bit of news including a sigh of relief for the Stonewall Inn, some oddly supportive words from Marco Rubio, and the best prom king of all the prom kings.

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Mama I’m Strange – Melissa Etheridge
Supermodel (You Better Work) - RuPaul

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4/27/17 - Adam J. Kurtz & E. Jag Beckford