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  • Title: 6/1/17 - Evan Wolfson, #ResistMarch & Joseph Eid
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We're not sure we have ever had a show as jam packed with incredible people as this one. Ever.

First up, LGBTQ HERO (and we don’t use that term lightly) Evan Wolfson drops in to talk about his incredible role in the historic fight for marriage equality. The lessons he imparts will affect generations to come as they’ve already affected generations past. He is a true inspiration and you can catch him in the new documentary “The Freedom to Marry" which you should go see straightaway.

Then, Brian Pendleton pops in to talk all about #ResistMarch, a gathering to ensure our futures right there in Los Angeles on June 11th. Inspiring, inspiring stuff.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also overjoyed to welcome singer/songwriter Joseph Eid back to the show. Joseph is out with a new EP called “Watch it Fall” and he just might stop you on the street and serenade you!

All this AND the latest LGBTQ news with Ken? Now this one full episode, so download and listen in today!

Starting Over – Joseph Eid

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6/1/17 - Evan Wolfson, #ResistMarch & Joseph Eid