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  • Title: 6/15/17 - Stan Zimmerman & Back Lot Bash
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Conversations about The Golden Girls AND gay Chicago parties all on one episode? That’s just how we roll here in Pride Month.

First up, writer/producer/director Stan Zimmerman joins us to talk about his incredible career writing for some of the most incredible shows in television history including Roseanne, The Gilmore Girls, and yes, The Golden Girls. His new show is Secs and Execs and it is a hilarious take on office drama which you should go watch this very second.

Then we put our party hats on to get down with Amie Klujian, one of the founders and producers of Back Lot Bash, the hottest, most rockin’ and most attended outdoor women’s festival taking place every Pride in Chicago. This year’s event had to be spread out over two weekends because it is that rollicking!

All this and a brief bit of the latest LGBTQ news including a big ole bunch of people getting upset about rainbows. DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN IN TODAY!

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6/15/17 - Stan Zimmerman & Back Lot Bash