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Oh the places we’ll go this week: to Germany, to Seattle, and so much more!

First up, we welcome world traveler Adam Groffman to the show to talk all about Travels of Adam, his extraordinary blog. How do you set up shop in a different country? What is the LGBTQ blogging community like? Who the heck are hipsters and how can they be most comfortable in a new city? All this, and so much more will be answered.

Then, we get all kinds of political and inspiring as we welcome Mac MacGregor to the show. Mac is currently a candidate for Seattle City Council and an all-around inspiring voice. And you better be inspired, because we’re pretty confident that Mac, a former US karate team champion, could take you down unless you use your voice for good!

All this and a brief bit of news including how Texas is trying to break away from the Supreme Court decision. DOWNLOAD and LISTEN IN TODAY!

Roam – The B-52’s
Proud – Heather Small

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7/6/17 - Adam Groffman & Mac MacGregor