• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 8/3/17 - Barney Cheng & Jason Davis
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  • Year: 2017
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Another fun-filled episode as we feature two different artists using their voices in two VERY different ways.

First up, actor/writer/director Barney Cheng joins us to talk about his film Baby Steps. It is a most entertaining romp of a feature that also exists as an actual world-changing event! We chat about diversity in film, our relationships with our mothers, and how Barney really and truly can do it all.

Next up, we welcome author and humorist Jason Davis to talk about his first picture book entitled, My Pop’s A Top. That’s right folks: My Pop’s a Top. This is DEFINITELY not a book for children, but adults will love it so you’ll want to hear about its origin story.

All this and a flipping TON of the week’s latest LGBTQ news including more on that Trump Twitter Trans Ban and how one county in the country has stepped up its game against conversation therapy. DOWNLOAD and LISTEN IN TODAY!

Baby Don’t – Patty Scialfa

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8/3/17 - Barney Cheng & Jason Davis