This Week's Episode!

This is it, folks: our 430th and last ever episode of This Show is So Gay. And we’re going out the same way we came in a decade ago: by featuring some of our favorite voices making a difference in the world.

First, we’re overjoyed to welcome Neda Ulaby of NPR’s Arts Desk back to the show. Neda openly shares her lust and rage as she pulls back the curtain on some of her LGBTQ-related stories this past year. We just plain adore her.

Then, we’re thrilled to welcome communications, activism, and PR legend Cathy Renna back to the show as the final guest of our 10-year run. Cathy shares her unique perspective on how to craft a message, how to remember Edie Windsor, and how to tell your story in a way that others will hear. There’s no way we would rather end.

And that’s what we have for you this one last time. Get out there, put on your cape, use your voice, make a difference, and remember: why be gay, when you can be SO gay?!?

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