This Week's Episode - Click the pic to listen!Gobble, gobble, listeners! We are oh so thankful for you!

And to show that appreciation, we are proud to welcome Justin Martindale to this week’s episode. Justin is a hilarious comedian who entertains us with tales of the stage from that original inspiration to get on up there to how to create a viral web-series to that time he almost performed a duet with Patti LuPone on a cruise-ship!

All that and an extended tour through this week’s LGBT news with Ken including a bold move by Twitter to address the ban on gay men giving blood, some nutty words from a nutty pastor and what we all need to be doing to educate doctors about Truvada.

It’s a rainbow cornucopia so download and listen today!

The Entertainer – Billy Joel
Kittery Tide – Girlyman

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