On July 4th, 2008, Ken sat on a curb on Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont to watch the Independence Day Parade (6 firetrucks and a drag queen...seriously). A small group was handing out fliers about the local radio station and Ken thought, "Hey, there should be a gay show." And "This Show is So Gay" was born.

Now based in Cleveland, Ohio, every week we challenge you to use your voice the way you know how to use it: To make a difference for your LGBTQ and ally brothers and sisters. And while you're doing it, remember, why be gay when you can be...SO gay!

ken - producer/hostken - producer/host

When he is not hosting gay radio shows, Ken Schneck is an Associate Professor at Baldwin Wallace University. He received his PhD as a gay jew from a jesuit college in NYC writing a dissertation entitled (no joke!) "That's so gay: Deconstructing the word gay in the daily parlance of high school students".

becca - co-hostbecca - co-host

Becca Ritterspach is a pastry chef, a daughter, a sister and a roommate.

becca - co-hostbecca - co-host

Becca Sheehan is an activist for GLBT rights who currently lives near Brattleboro, VT. When she's not on the radio or fighting for justice one strongly worded letter at a time, you could probably find her curled up with a book or getting lost in the woods.

jodi - co-hostjodi - co-host

Jodi Clark (aka Jodelia!) has worked as a theatre educator and substance abuse prevention specialist and is currently Director of Housing and Residential Life at Marlboro College. When she is not discussing the finer points of gay married life, she can be found choreographing stage combat for various theater endeavors or singing with local choral groups.

steve & jen - co-hostssteve & jen - co-hosts

Because we would be nothing without the most happening straight couple around, Steve & Jen join us periodically to give us the grounding we sorely need. Steve is the host of Live and Local on 1490 AM in Brattleboro, VT and Jen is a professional healer AND a professional ray of sunshine.

carrie - co-hostcarrie - co-host

Carrie Towle
is an elementary school guidance counselor and the bestest ballet teacher around. Mom to the always-entertaining Maggie, Jackson and Lily, Carrie is always prepared to give us a "time-out" for some much-needed perspective.

tanya - co-hosttanya - co-host

Tanya is a sunrise greeting, Whitman reading, smile seeking, poem speaking teacher and student who has been so gay as long as the force has been with us. She currently dwells in a cozy cabin in the hills of Western Mass, yet she daydreams about Green Mountain State plates on her old-man truck. (EDIT 12/28/11 - She also daydreams about Taylor Lautner.)

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