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  • Title: 11/4/16 - Shannon Algeo
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  • Year: 2016
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With only days to go before this unbelievable election is finally at an end, we really and truly need some positivity and light to sustain us. Cue this week’s episode.

We’re filled with joy to welcome spiritual life coach, yoga instructor and fellow podcaster Shannon Algeo to this week’s show. Shannon is here to raise up our energy, increase our flow and remind us that it’s really up to us to raise up our own energy and increase our own flow. We liked it better when we thought Shannon would just do it for us. Put in the work, people!

All this and a full round-up of this week’s LGBTQ news with Ken including more on Gays for Trump, some on Mississippi, a tad on Uganda and a whole HECK of a lot on the Human Rights Campaign.

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11/4/16 - Shannon Algeo