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HIV/AIDS is still here. There’s still a ton of work to be done. And we need your help.

We’re honored to welcome Jesse Milan, Jr., the president and CEO of AIDS United, to this week’s show to talk all about the incredible work they are doing to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States. Jesse shares so many tales of his time as a community advocate and nationally recognized expert on HIV/AIDS policies and programs; he challenges all of us to get more involved, learn more, and use our voice to make a difference. Also, he is surrounded by a flipping TON of acronyms, so there’s that too.

All this and an extended tour of the week’s latest LGBTQ news including three different moves by the Trump administration to reduce the visibility and protections of the LGBTQ community. Stay vigilant!

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I Take You With Me – Melissa Etheridge

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3/30/17 - Jesse Milan, Jr.