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  • Title: 6/8/17 - Kate Bornstein
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  • Year: 2017
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If you ever have the opportunity to speak with one of your heroes: breathe, savor it, and don’t waste a minute! And that’s our message for you this week.

We are honored, humbled and OVERJOYED to welcome the legendary Kate Bornstein to the show. Kate’s seminal work has blazed trails through our culture and has created and enhanced desperately needed dialogue on gender. This is a rollicking, wide-ranging interview covering everything from culture creating gender to gender-reveal parties to gender euphoria. Did we mention the part where Kate is a legend and it was just an honor to speak with her?!?

All this and some of the latest LGBTQ news including an 8-year-old who was kicked out of a soccer tournament because her hair was too short. Really and truly.

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Open the Door – Eric Himan

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6/8/17 - Kate Bornstein