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  • Title: 6/29/17 - Kirsten Palladino & Michael Korie
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Gay weddings and Broadway musicals? Well, heck, now THIS is a so gay episode!

First up, award-winning editor and writer Kirsten Palladino joins us to talk all about the amazing new ideas in gay weddings. How should you pick the music? What about making it legal? And should you bring someone as your plus one who the couple already knows? And, you must must MUST pick up her debut book: Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding.

Then, we’re honored to be joined by the ridiculously talented lyricist Michael Korie of the Tony-nominated new musical War Paint. We discuss Michael’s storied career in the arts including what’s it’s like to co-create so prolifically. This is a true master class in talent.

All this and a brief bit of the latest LGBTQ news including the latest from the Supreme Court where there is a TON going down. So DOWNLOAD and LISTEN IN TODAY!

Best Face Forward – War Paint

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6/29/17 - Kirsten Palladino & Michael Korie