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Welcome to TSISG w/ Ken and...Rich?!? That's right, Rich! Becca was nursing a NASTY cold, so while she was laid up in bed, we welcomed one of our Chicago correspondents into the co-hosting chair. Sure he rolled his eyes at Ken a few times, but other than that blatant disrespect, it was a masterful guest hosting performance.

We also welcomed singer/songwriter Skott Freedman (that's right sKott!) who regaled us with tales from California, sharing his absurdly stimulating insights into the current LGBT climate. And we played a bunch of his songs (as we mandated that he comes back on the show after he finishes his PhD!). All in all, a great great show.

Dominoes - Skott Freedman
I'll Be Okay - Skott Freedman
Fallin' - Skott Freedman
Some Company - Skott Freedman

12/3/08 - Skott Freedman