• Artist: Ken Schneck
  • Title: 7/30/15 - Alina Troyano & Carmelita Tropicana
  • Album: This Show is So Gay
  • Track: 316
  • Genre: Gay Talk Radio
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 40.55 MB
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz

There are performance artists. And then there are performance artist LEGENDS. This episode most definitely sports the latter.

It’s like a so gay 2-for-1 special this week as we’re joined by Alina Troyano and her spitfire alter-ego Carmelita Tropicana. We’re covering so much ground here as we ask: What was it like doing this work in the mid-1980’s? What inspires the creative process? How can we create change on the stage? Which three parts of the body contain our soul? (you’re gonna want to sit down for that one) And so, SO much more.

And a quick rainbow round-up of this week’s news including new tv shows, new songs, new documentaries and even some actual news outside of pop culture. Download and listen in!

There is an Answer – A Great Big World
Hold Each Other – A Great Big World

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7/30/15 - Alina Troyano & Carmelita Tropicana