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  • Title: 6/30/16 - Chadwick Moore
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  • Year: 2016
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The pen (with rainbow ink) is ALWAYS mightier than the sword and this week gives you another example of just that!

We’re thrilled to welcome Chadwick Moore back to the show to talk all about his work as Editor-at-Large for Out and The Advocate. Chadwick shares so many incredible tales of his writing including an in-depth recap of his recent work in Orlando in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub massacre. Plus, we cover playing mini-golf with Nick Jonas, chatting with wives of gay men, covering trans servicemembers and Chadwick’s very important role as our Senior Brooklyn Correspondent.

All this and a tour of this week’s LGBTQ news including Ken’s latest HuffPo piece on the Republican National Convention, new antics in Texas and a brightly colored house we should all visit. Download and listen in today!

You Can’t Go Back - Patti Scialfa
Rumble Doll - Patti Scialfa

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6/30/16 - Chadwick Moore