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  • Title: 8/11/16 - Xavii Matisse
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  • Year: 2016
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Here’s the thing: if you don’t see what you want out there in the world, you have to take action to create it. Heed the example of this week’s episode.

We’re joined by Xavii Matisse, the editor in chief of Revolutionary Gay Magazine, who chats us up about what it takes to produce content that leaves the reader feeling good and feeling included. This is just a wonderful example of an individual seeing a need in our society, rolling up his sleeves and saying, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” Be inspired.

All this and a TON of the latest LGBTQ news with Ken. The Olympics are in full swing and there are myriad gay angles: everything from a marriage proposal on the field to journalistic screw-ups to a record number of out athletes. Get in the spirit, wave your rainbow flag, download and listen in today!

Supermodel (You Better Work) - RuPaul
Jealous of My Boogie - RuPaul

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8/11/16 - Xavii Matisse