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There is still so much important work to be done and we are pleased to feature two more voices of individuals making it happen!

First up, we’re joined by Jean Malpas, the director of the Gender and Family Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. Jean and his staff are doing critical work to empower youth, families and communities by providing gender affirmative services, training and research. And they have A Night of A Thousand Genders coming up, and that’s pretty darn exciting in itself!

Then, we’re pleased to chat with Erin Fitzgerald, the director of the LGBT Program at Media Matters for America. They have launched the Eliminate Hate Campaign which is aimed at accurately labeling anti-LGBTQ hate groups, which will then help debunk harmful misinformation used to attack LGBTQ rights. Plus, Erin loves to research things, which we love.

All that and a brief bit of LGBTQ news with Ken including all the latest from Alabama. And there’s a flipping TON happening in Alabama!

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4/20/17 - Jean Malpas & Erin Fitzgerald