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There are so many ways to use your voice to knock things out of the park. Our guests this week show us two ways to get it done!

First up, we’re honored to welcome Billy Bean to the show to talk about his incredible experience as the only openly gay Major League Baseball player (current or former) alive today. We cover everything from how Billy has changed the face of sport to what still needs to be done to a very special upcoming night at Dodger Stadium which you need to hear all about. And he challenges Ken to a tennis match. Game on.

Then we’re most pleased to welcome blogging maven Sue Kerr to explore the amazing ways she puts her words out there to the world. If you have not checked out Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, then you are missing out on vital news and views from one of the greatest (and most prolific) bloggers out there!

All this and a brief bit of the latest LGBTQ news with Ken. Download and listen in today!

Centerfield – John Fogerty

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5/11/17 - Billy Bean & Sue Kerr