7/13/11 - Charity Treks & Ty Kuppig

38.9 MB

Will Ken be able to bike 415 miles in a few weeks on Charity Treks?

7/6/11 - The Reverend Emily C. Heath

39.08 MB

Oodles and Oodles of LGBT news and a visit from The Reverend Emily C. Heath who calls in to talk about marriage, faith, hope, grammar, history and the baggage claim (an actual one…not a biblical metaphor).


6/29/11 - Neda Ulaby, Holland, MI & Michael Holtz

37.45 MB

Ken keeps his promise to NPR’s ever-delightful Neda Ulaby, we hop on over (in pink wooden shoes no less!) to Holland, MI to ask "how equal is love?!?" AND we’re joined by Mr.

6/22/11 - Dr. Frankie Bashan & Susi Graf

37.01 MB

Two incredible guests this week! First, relationship expert and matchmaker extraordinaire Dr. Frankie Bashan doles out some much needed advice for all you lovers, lovers-in-training and broken-hearted-but-vaguely-remember-what-love-is-ers.

Rainbow Rewind 1/19/11 - Jennifer Knapp

35.75 MB

Some good news, some bad news, some Julie picking apart surveys Ken presents. A typical around-the-world round-up for TSISG. Then award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp calls in to talk about sustaining her craft, feeding her faith and skipping her stones (the universal predictor for being gay!).

6/8/11 - ALC 10 & Desha Peacock

37.75 MB

First broadcast on WDTR and it’s a doozy! We’re joined and inspired by Cheryl from the Gear and Tent Team of AIDS LifeCycle 10 and Nathan Manske, creator of I’m From Driftwood, who is collecting stories along the route.

6/1/11 - Mark Bessenger

36.26 MB

New content, finally! Ken, and guest-hosts Jen & Steve (Prom Queen & King!) talk boycotts, Obama and Gaga. We’re then joined by Mark Bessenger, writer/director/producer of the new gay-horror-comedy Bite Marks.

Rainbow Rewind 8/4/10 - Jarrett Barrios

35.21 MB

New content next week (we promise!), but for now, we chat with Tom Leger who helped create Ken’s current favorite internet video (click here to watch).

Rainbow Rewind! 3/9/11 - Boston Gay Men's Chorus & Dallas DuBois

36.47 MB

Use your voice! Use your voice!

Rainbow Rewind! 5/6/09 - Robyn Ochs

38.39 MB

Swine Flu?!? Hanukkah with Portugal?!? Foxxy?!? We covered all this and tons, tons more when we were joined by writer/teacher/activist Robyn Ochs. Heck, it's enough to drive your endolphins through the roof!

Defenders of Marriage - Roy Zimmerman

5/4/11 - Zoë Lewis

22.19 MB

Steve is back and is joined by the lovely Jen(n) as we talk blood drives and gay tipping points. We’re also joined by the charming, inspiring and downright delightful Zoë Lewis who tells us how we can all make music…each and every one of us! Road trip to Provincetown in June anyone?!?


4/27/11 - The Juliettes

37.76 MB

Ken is joined by radio host extraordinaire Steve West and together they introduce their new hit single, “(Getting Schnecked) On the Tilt-a-Whirl”...available soon at a download near you.

Rainbow Rewind! 6/2/10 - Rea Carey

37.65 MB

Sad sad news in the first 90 seconds of the show, a plea for your support for WVEW and then on to one of our favorite past shows featuring Rea Carey, the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


4/13/11 - New England Edition

36.17 MB

Welcome to a special New England edition of TSISG featuring only New England gay news, a visit from Daisy Frederick, producer of a queer-tinged production in Vermont, and a chat with Justin Scarelli, an independent filmmaker out of New Hampshire (upside-down Vermont).

4/6/11 - Jeremy B. Manning

36.51 MB

First, Jodi teaches Ken about cows. Then we welcome personal trainer with a purpose, Jeremy B. Manning, who is helming an initiative to provide attainable and sustainable fitness programs to survivors of physical and substance abuse as well as those living with HIV.

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