9/28/11 - Representative Marko Liias

67.52 MB

It is an honor to welcome back to the show Washington State Representative Marko Liias who recently declared his candidacy for Washington’s 1st District Seat to the United States House of Representatives.

9/21/11 - Will Clark & David Glick

67.53 MB

What fun! First up, actor/philanthropist/all-around-red-headed-delight Will Clark gives us an all-access pass to Will Clark World to talk Wisconsin, The A-List of New York, drooling on celebrities and the joys of fundraising.

9/14/11 - Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum & Andy Wasley

67.52 MB

What do hitchhiking, absurdly inspirational rabbis, Freddie Mercury and blood donations all have in common? This week’s episode of TSISG!

Rainbow Rewind 4/27/11 - The Juliettes

66.59 MB

First up, a sad update and a shout-out to Tom Ragú! For the Rewind, Ken is joined by radio host extraordinaire Steve West and together they introduce their new hit single, “(Getting Schnecked) On the Tilt-a-Whirl”...available soon at a download near you.

8/31/11 - Tucky Williams

67.52 MB

A flooded station can’t keep us down, especially not when writer/actress Tucky Williams drops in to educate the masses, motivate us to creative action and even conversate about high pressure systems that are moving in from the northwest. And, Jodi’s here to talk resignations and glitter. Take that, Bachmann!

8/24/11 - Kiyomi McCloskey of Hunter Valentine

67.52 MB

Rock out this episode with Kiyomi McCloskey, lead guitarist and vocalist of Hunter Valentine, as we discuss musical honesty, passionate fans and parent appreciation.

8/17/11 - Judy Dlugacz

67.53 MB

First up, Quinn from Charity Treks let’s us know whether Ken actually finished his 415 mile bike trek. Then, Judy Dlugacz, president and founder of Olivia Travel, talks boats, lesbian record labels and how Ken can one day be a MOO!!


8/3/11 - Tom Mizer

38.38 MB

Oh so fun times as blog editor Tom Mizer pops in to talk about Blues Clues, Broadway belters and buff chorus boys and then Jodi is back (!) to dish with Ken on all the latest gay news and views.

New Music – Ragtime

7/27/11 - So So Gay Magazine & Judy Gold

37.84 MB

From London to NYC, listen in for a whirlwind episode! First up, Andy Wasley, editor-in-chief of So So Gay magazine calls in from across the pond to update us on all things so gay in the UK.

7/20/11 - Dr. Judy Bradford & Robyn Ochs

37.32 MB

First up, Ken chats it up with Dr.

7/13/11 - Charity Treks & Ty Kuppig

38.9 MB

Will Ken be able to bike 415 miles in a few weeks on Charity Treks?

7/6/11 - The Reverend Emily C. Heath

39.08 MB

Oodles and Oodles of LGBT news and a visit from The Reverend Emily C. Heath who calls in to talk about marriage, faith, hope, grammar, history and the baggage claim (an actual one…not a biblical metaphor).


6/29/11 - Neda Ulaby, Holland, MI & Michael Holtz

37.45 MB

Ken keeps his promise to NPR’s ever-delightful Neda Ulaby, we hop on over (in pink wooden shoes no less!) to Holland, MI to ask "how equal is love?!?" AND we’re joined by Mr.

6/22/11 - Dr. Frankie Bashan & Susi Graf

37.01 MB

Two incredible guests this week! First, relationship expert and matchmaker extraordinaire Dr. Frankie Bashan doles out some much needed advice for all you lovers, lovers-in-training and broken-hearted-but-vaguely-remember-what-love-is-ers.

Rainbow Rewind 1/19/11 - Jennifer Knapp

35.75 MB

Some good news, some bad news, some Julie picking apart surveys Ken presents. A typical around-the-world round-up for TSISG. Then award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp calls in to talk about sustaining her craft, feeding her faith and skipping her stones (the universal predictor for being gay!).

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