10/20/10 - Bullying, B**bies and Babies

35.03 MB

Carrie pliés into the guest-host chair to talk bullying from a mom’s perspective, quickly followed by Ken’s in-depth deconstruction of his favorite new slogan recently banned on bracelets in Brattleboro!

10/13/10 - Mary Jane Karger & Scott Heim

35.95 MB

Action, action, you want action! And tonight, we deliver. First up, GLSEN National Board member and TSISG favorite Mary Jane Karger pops in to urge us to do what we can to make schools safer for all students (order your Safe Space kit today!).

10/6/10 - Neda Ulaby

36.79 MB

Let’s be clear: NPR’s Neda Ulaby is an absolute delight. She joined us on this rainy October night bringing with her oodles of charm, loads of entertaining stories and just an all-around amazing energy.

9/29/10 - Phil Putnam & Nhojj

36.18 MB

Pack your bags because we’re going on a joy journey! First up, the endlessly-entertaining singer/songwriter Phil Putnam calls in to talk about music sales, Mrs. Potts and the pure joy of Chantico.

9/22/10 - Kate Pazakis

37.36 MB

Broadway diva Kate Pazakis, this is your life! Tonight, we stroll back in time to find out how a girl who almost dedicated herself to the clarinet ended up as a world-renowned (and TSISG favorite!) songstress.

9/15/10 - Sandra Valls

35.94 MB

Ken welcomes first-time guest-host Tanya as we deconstruct both what a fulfilling apology to the gay community looks like and how “No.” is a complex policy stance all on its own!

9/8/10 - Ken Goes Bonkers

36.29 MB

Jodi said that Mercury is in retrograde which is the only explanation we have for why Ken GOES BONKERS! This is perhaps the wackiest, looniest TSISG ever produced. Our advice? Just let it flow over you, try not to question too much and laugh when instructed to chuckle. And, hey, learn some stuff too cause there be some great news herein.


9/1/10 - Todd Shalom & Zack Rosen

37.13 MB

First up, we welcome the über -talented Todd Shalom to talk about soundwalks, queer artists and how Ken needs a plot to his art.

8/25/10 - Schneckagram

36.37 MB

Ken and guest-host Jodi bounce all over the gay world on this episode. Should you change your last name when you get married? Would you send your child to a school that doesn’t much like the gays? Could Ken survive as a knight in a Renaissance Faire? All this (and an expert caller!) on a comprehensively gay edition of This Show is So Gay!


8/18/10 - Howard Bragman

35.47 MB

Are there campaign stances that are deal-breakers when it comes to LGBT folks supporting candidates? Can we cure lesbianism? Should Ken give a speech about marriage equality at guest-host Jodi’s wedding this weekend?

8/11/10 - Claire Buffie

35.8 MB

A crowning (tiara-ing?) achievement on TSISG as we are joined by the poised, lovely and inspiring Miss New York, Claire Buffie. This is a woman who is wielding her sash in the name of equality and change. Now, how can we keep Ken from harassing those judges…?

8/4/10 - Jarrett Barrios

35.21 MB

First up, we detour through Michigan as we chat with Tom Leger who helped create Ken’s current favorite internet video: two cartoon characters trying to reconcile the distinctly trans unfriendly practices of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (click here to watch the video).

7/28/10 - Michael Barron & Brian Kent

36.14 MB

Are you a “riskable”?!? Well, Michael Barron, director of AIDS LifeCycle, isn’t one as he helps us celebrate ALC 9 and tells us how to recover from an ALC-hole.

7/21/10 - Mia Mingus

35.45 MB

Magic abounds as change agent Mia Mingus becomes the first ever guest to wield the Rainbow Wand of Change! Mia’s energy is among the best we’ve ever had on the show. She provides the light of the clear blue morning! Nothing’s gonna stop her now! And above all us, we want to dance with her!

7/14/10 - Dean Spade

36.38 MB

In this episode, Ken decides to go to law school and professor of law and civil rights champion Dean Spade immediately talks him down from that ledge.

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