12/15/10 - Cathy Renna & Mara Keisling

35.43 MB

When there’s breaking news, you need to pull out the big guns, and we did! First up, communications guru Cathy Renna took a break from her TSISG communications director duties to process the latest DADT developments.

12/8/10 - Kate Clinton & I'm From Driftwood

37.1 MB

Breaking News! – Kate Clinton makes Ken blush! And then she tells us the secret to humor, explains why activism is sexy and introduces her public healthcare option.

12/1/10 - Kirsten Palladino

35.91 MB

SUCH a great episode this week. Jodi and Ken talk World AIDS Day, the power of hairdressers and the current state of DADT (including a special guest appearance by Nate Manske from I’m From Driftwood!).

11/24/10 - Eric Himan & Athena Reich

35.03 MB

It’s a rainbow cornucopia of thanks as we celebrate the season of gratitude in SO gay style. First up, singer/songwriter (and first 3-time guest!) Eric Himan shares his views on bullying, going acoustic and stuffing (the Thanksgiving kind, of course!).

Rainbow Rewind 4/7/10 - Amy Ray

38.62 MB

This week's live show featured two amazing guests: Nathan Manske from I'm From Driftwood and Denis Dison from The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Tune in to the intro to find out why you're not hearing their voices... :(

11/10/10 - Troy Ruptash

35.76 MB

Tanya’s back and we talk gay travel and all things NLLFS (?!?). Then we’re joined by actor Troy Ruptash to dissect gay Hollywood, shine the light on gay vampire obsession and even delve into West Wing fanfiction where we discover what was actually happening in his scene with Rob Lowe.

11/3/10 - Chad Goller-Sojourner

35.56 MB

Jodi and Ken do some election reflection and then revisit the topic of what it means to truly say “I’m sorry”.

10/27/10 - Judy Shepard

36.44 MB

It’s our 100th(!) show and we’re honored to be joined by award-winning change agent and one of Ken’s heroes, Judy Shepard. A true milestone for us all. Huge thanks to the guests, co-hosts, stations and OF COURSE listeners who have supported us over the past 100 shows. Here’s to 100 more!


10/20/10 - Bullying, B**bies and Babies

35.03 MB

Carrie pliés into the guest-host chair to talk bullying from a mom’s perspective, quickly followed by Ken’s in-depth deconstruction of his favorite new slogan recently banned on bracelets in Brattleboro!

10/13/10 - Mary Jane Karger & Scott Heim

35.95 MB

Action, action, you want action! And tonight, we deliver. First up, GLSEN National Board member and TSISG favorite Mary Jane Karger pops in to urge us to do what we can to make schools safer for all students (order your Safe Space kit today!).

10/6/10 - Neda Ulaby

36.79 MB

Let’s be clear: NPR’s Neda Ulaby is an absolute delight. She joined us on this rainy October night bringing with her oodles of charm, loads of entertaining stories and just an all-around amazing energy.

9/29/10 - Phil Putnam & Nhojj

36.18 MB

Pack your bags because we’re going on a joy journey! First up, the endlessly-entertaining singer/songwriter Phil Putnam calls in to talk about music sales, Mrs. Potts and the pure joy of Chantico.

9/22/10 - Kate Pazakis

37.36 MB

Broadway diva Kate Pazakis, this is your life! Tonight, we stroll back in time to find out how a girl who almost dedicated herself to the clarinet ended up as a world-renowned (and TSISG favorite!) songstress.

9/15/10 - Sandra Valls

35.94 MB

Ken welcomes first-time guest-host Tanya as we deconstruct both what a fulfilling apology to the gay community looks like and how “No.” is a complex policy stance all on its own!

9/8/10 - Ken Goes Bonkers

36.29 MB

Jodi said that Mercury is in retrograde which is the only explanation we have for why Ken GOES BONKERS! This is perhaps the wackiest, looniest TSISG ever produced. Our advice? Just let it flow over you, try not to question too much and laugh when instructed to chuckle. And, hey, learn some stuff too cause there be some great news herein.


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