Rainbow Rewind 9/29/10 - Phil Putnam & Nhojj

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Last Rainbow Rewind for a while (new shows starting next week)!

Rainbow Rewind 12/8/10 - Kate Clinton & I'm From Driftwood

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Ken's campaigning has him snowed under, so we present to you this recent TSISG favorite. Kate Clinton makes Ken blush!

2/9/11 - Michelle Bonilla

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First up, Ken leads us through this week’s cheers (a 7 year-old champion!) and jeers (really, Dr. Phil? really?!?).

Rainbow Rewind 10/7/09 - Daniel Gray

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Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the podcast of tonight’s live show with singer/songwriter Daniel Gray but that’s not stopping us from the world premiere of his new single, “Incarcerated”!!

Incarcerated - Daniel Gray

1/26/11 - Rob Williams

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From Wyoming to Austria to Iran to Montana, it’s a whirlwind tour of this week’s gay news with a healthy dose of Ken ranting (which tends to happen when he is left alone in the studio!).

1/19/11 - Jennifer Knapp

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Some good news, some bad news, some Julie picking apart surveys Ken presents. A typical around-the-world round-up for TSISG. Then award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp calls in to talk about sustaining her craft, feeding her faith and skipping her stones (the universal predictor for being gay!).

1/12/11 - Caleb Laieski & Rev. Harry Knox

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You want to make a difference? Then c’mon down to this week’s snow-filled episode. First up, inspiring teen Caleb Laieski shares his incredible work to make schools safer…and all this without a learner’s permit!

1/5/11 - Brian Gallivan

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It’s the first show of 2011 and the revelation that Ken’s mother was a ½ term NJ governor is enough to stun Jodi, much less the latest updates on Willow Palin and gay marriage (those are two separate stories lest you get too excited).

12/29/10 - Gregory Adam Jones

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It’s the last show of 2010 and Ken is joined by first-time co-host Julie, a stellar addition to the TSISG line-up. They look back at some of the year’s top stories, highlight the trump card of legless marines and reveal Ken’s surefire litmus test for determining if someone is a gay.

12/22/10 - Martin Gill & Ann Northrop

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One of our Favorite. Episodes. Ever. First up, we welcome Martin Gill, the plaintiff in the recent case that ended Florida’s 33-year ban on gay couples adopting children. If you’re wondering how much love and family can motivate action, look no further.

12/15/10 - Cathy Renna & Mara Keisling

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When there’s breaking news, you need to pull out the big guns, and we did! First up, communications guru Cathy Renna took a break from her TSISG communications director duties to process the latest DADT developments.

12/8/10 - Kate Clinton & I'm From Driftwood

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Breaking News! – Kate Clinton makes Ken blush! And then she tells us the secret to humor, explains why activism is sexy and introduces her public healthcare option.

12/1/10 - Kirsten Palladino

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SUCH a great episode this week. Jodi and Ken talk World AIDS Day, the power of hairdressers and the current state of DADT (including a special guest appearance by Nate Manske from I’m From Driftwood!).

11/24/10 - Eric Himan & Athena Reich

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It’s a rainbow cornucopia of thanks as we celebrate the season of gratitude in SO gay style. First up, singer/songwriter (and first 3-time guest!) Eric Himan shares his views on bullying, going acoustic and stuffing (the Thanksgiving kind, of course!).

Rainbow Rewind 4/7/10 - Amy Ray

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This week's live show featured two amazing guests: Nathan Manske from I'm From Driftwood and Denis Dison from The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Tune in to the intro to find out why you're not hearing their voices... :(

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