10/15/08 - Liz Dahmen

37.08 MB

So, actor/comedian/host-with-the-most Liz Dahmen was a bit late, but then she called in and tore things up, so we barely even remember that she was late...except we talk about it a lot :) We had some recording difficulties, so the beginning got a bit cut off. Sorry.

Scarecrow - Melissa Etheridge
Kindness Makes me Cry - Maria Gentile

10/1/08 - First Show

56.69 MB

We're putting this up, but don't judge us by it. It's our "technical show" when we were working out the kinks of using the sound system. As such, the sound is TERRIBLE. It helps if you turn the volume pretty low. Or off.

Worry - The Kinsey Sicks
I Kissed a Girl - Jill Sobule
Love Will Come to You - Indigo Girls
I Run For Life - Melissa Etheridge

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