3/30/11 - Kenyon Farrow

36.19 MB

TSISG is thrilled to introduce Alex and HB in their co-hosting debut…what an amazing burst of energy they bring to our rainbow airwaves!

3/23/11 - Rachel and Trixie of The Kinsey Sicks

36.53 MB

Ken channels his inner Bob Eubanks for our first ever So Gay Game Show with contestants Rachel and Trixie from The Kinsey Sicks, America’s favorite dragapella beautyshop quartet. Did they win the grand prize?!? Tune in to find out on this most hilarious episode.


3/16/11 - Sharon Stapel

36.03 MB

In between shots of Dayquil, flu-ridden Ken covers the latest headlines and welcomes the wonderful Sharon Stapel, executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project. What unbelievable work they are doing at AVP and with such incredible dedication and positive energy to boot!

3/9/11 - Boston Gay Men's Chorus & Dallas DuBois

36.47 MB

Use your voice! Use your voice!

3/2/11 - Amos Mac

36.41 MB

After a bit of a break, TSISG is back with a new episode wherein we learn that Jodi is the gatekeeper, Ken is the decorum master and Amos Mac, editor-in-chief of Original Plumbing magazine, has Bieber-fever! Welcome back to all things gay, y’all!


Rainbow Rewind 9/29/10 - Phil Putnam & Nhojj

36.18 MB

Last Rainbow Rewind for a while (new shows starting next week)!

Rainbow Rewind 12/8/10 - Kate Clinton & I'm From Driftwood

37.1 MB

Ken's campaigning has him snowed under, so we present to you this recent TSISG favorite. Kate Clinton makes Ken blush!

2/9/11 - Michelle Bonilla

37.43 MB

First up, Ken leads us through this week’s cheers (a 7 year-old champion!) and jeers (really, Dr. Phil? really?!?).

Rainbow Rewind 10/7/09 - Daniel Gray

36.88 MB

Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the podcast of tonight’s live show with singer/songwriter Daniel Gray but that’s not stopping us from the world premiere of his new single, “Incarcerated”!!

Incarcerated - Daniel Gray

1/26/11 - Rob Williams

38.26 MB

From Wyoming to Austria to Iran to Montana, it’s a whirlwind tour of this week’s gay news with a healthy dose of Ken ranting (which tends to happen when he is left alone in the studio!).

1/19/11 - Jennifer Knapp

35.75 MB

Some good news, some bad news, some Julie picking apart surveys Ken presents. A typical around-the-world round-up for TSISG. Then award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp calls in to talk about sustaining her craft, feeding her faith and skipping her stones (the universal predictor for being gay!).

1/12/11 - Caleb Laieski & Rev. Harry Knox

36.53 MB

You want to make a difference? Then c’mon down to this week’s snow-filled episode. First up, inspiring teen Caleb Laieski shares his incredible work to make schools safer…and all this without a learner’s permit!

1/5/11 - Brian Gallivan

36.57 MB

It’s the first show of 2011 and the revelation that Ken’s mother was a ½ term NJ governor is enough to stun Jodi, much less the latest updates on Willow Palin and gay marriage (those are two separate stories lest you get too excited).

12/29/10 - Gregory Adam Jones

36.93 MB

It’s the last show of 2010 and Ken is joined by first-time co-host Julie, a stellar addition to the TSISG line-up. They look back at some of the year’s top stories, highlight the trump card of legless marines and reveal Ken’s surefire litmus test for determining if someone is a gay.

12/22/10 - Martin Gill & Ann Northrop

36.14 MB

One of our Favorite. Episodes. Ever. First up, we welcome Martin Gill, the plaintiff in the recent case that ended Florida’s 33-year ban on gay couples adopting children. If you’re wondering how much love and family can motivate action, look no further.

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