3/31/10 - Nick Burd

36.15 MB

Another jam-packed show. First, we welcome big-time activist Natasha Dillon who gives us the scoop on the action coming out of Queer Rising.

3/17/10 - Cassidy Haley

34.97 MB

The word of the day is accessible as we are joined by 2(!) incredible guests! First up, the absurdly-talented storyteller Cassidy Haley talks comic books, catalysts and creativity.

3/10/10 - Eric Himan

28.57 MB

Is gay culture dying?!? It’s a bold question, but one that we pose nonetheless with the amazing Eric Himan. Also, find out what part of the car Eric is and why repealing DADT gets him fired up. Rock on!

Every Move – Eric and the Adams

3/3/10 - Jade

25.56 MB

You want pure class? Then look no further than Jade from RuPaul's Drag Race.

2/24/10 - Mariah Hanson

31.6 MB

A 5-day series of bacchanalian delights for lesbians who come from all over the world to celebrate and live out loud?!? Sounds good to us! We are, of course, talking about The Dinah as we are joined again by the incomparable Mariah Hanson. Love. Her.

Shoop - Salt-n-Pepa

2/17/10 - Chandler Burr

25.77 MB

Being gay is not a choice. It's not. And we know this. So why is this stance not used to achieve equality, even when it has been proven by data to be a colossally effective argument?!?

2/10/10 - Josh Zuckerman

46:26 minutes (27.64 MB)

Just in time for Valentine's Day! – The image of singer/songwriter Josh Zuckerman in a hot tub with pyrotechnics. Nuff said.

Got Love - Josh Zuckerman
Small Percentile - Josh Zuckerman

2/3/10 - Cathy Renna

25.76 MB

Unpack your canceled-civil-union-Hawaiian bags, because you’re gonna want to stay stateside for this episode We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming communications guru Cathy Renna for an absurdly stimulating chat about visibility issues in the gay community. Get the bull by the horn, folks!

1/27/10 - Osvaldo Del Valle

21.3 MB

After a bit of a technical debacle (sorry LGBTQ Online High School!), we were most pleased to chat with the fantastic Osvaldo Del Valle about the intersection between sexual orientation & latino identity, dating and why there are so many gays in Student Affairs. Enjoy!

Love Less – New Order
Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys

1/20/10 - Ongina

26.32 MB

Things get fierce as we welcome the fabulous Ongina! (Folks, please don’t try those heels at home without parental supervision!)

Circus – Britney Spears
At Last – Beyoncé

1/13/10 - David Daniels

27.99 MB

What an action packed night! First we queered the census with Dr. Jaime Grant from NGLTF and then we sang with world-famous countertenor David Daniels (without the singing). Coloraturas for everyone!


1/6/10 - Aaron Hicklin

32.06 MB

We kick off 2010 with a bang as we welcome Aaron Hicklin, editor-in-chief of Out magazine. White plastic bag optional.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
Heartbeat Radio – Sondre Lerche

12/30/09 - Billie Myers

29.07 MB

We end 2009 in high style. First, Ken's dad calls in to talk about his run-in with a rabbi. And then, singer/songwriter Billie Myers shows us the true meaning of change, action and hope. Head into 2010 inspired!

Kiss the Rain – Billie Myers

12/23/09 - Get to Know Us!

24.75 MB

Gay rugby players, naked refrigerators and why Ken’s dad is our hero. All this and much MUCH more on a very personal edition of "This Show is So Gay!"

New in Town – Little Boots
Bulletproof – La Roux
Dusk Till Dawn - Ladyhawke
(lead-out) When Love Takes Over – David Guetta

12/16/09 - Athena Reich

28.81 MB

Athena ReichNothing but good news this week as we welcome you to our Happy Show. Becca's happy. Ken's happy. And singer/songwriter Athena Reich is so absurdly happy. Need a lift? Listen in and you're welcome.


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