1/13/10 - David Daniels

27.99 MB

What an action packed night! First we queered the census with Dr. Jaime Grant from NGLTF and then we sang with world-famous countertenor David Daniels (without the singing). Coloraturas for everyone!


1/6/10 - Aaron Hicklin

32.06 MB

We kick off 2010 with a bang as we welcome Aaron Hicklin, editor-in-chief of Out magazine. White plastic bag optional.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
Heartbeat Radio – Sondre Lerche

12/30/09 - Billie Myers

29.07 MB

We end 2009 in high style. First, Ken's dad calls in to talk about his run-in with a rabbi. And then, singer/songwriter Billie Myers shows us the true meaning of change, action and hope. Head into 2010 inspired!

Kiss the Rain – Billie Myers

12/23/09 - Get to Know Us!

24.75 MB

Gay rugby players, naked refrigerators and why Ken’s dad is our hero. All this and much MUCH more on a very personal edition of "This Show is So Gay!"

New in Town – Little Boots
Bulletproof – La Roux
Dusk Till Dawn - Ladyhawke
(lead-out) When Love Takes Over – David Guetta

12/16/09 - Athena Reich

28.81 MB

Athena ReichNothing but good news this week as we welcome you to our Happy Show. Becca's happy. Ken's happy. And singer/songwriter Athena Reich is so absurdly happy. Need a lift? Listen in and you're welcome.


12/9/09 - Cortés Alexander

29.75 MB

Hey, remember that time when you woke up and remembered you had a houseguest? Oh, and then you remembered that it was LIZA MINNELLI?!? So you went shopping at the Gap with her?!? If yes, then you must be singer/songwriter Cortés Alexander! Listen in for the whole story (and hear Ken say Boob-Aid 8 times!).

12/2/09 - Nathan Runkle

34.91 MB

Ken comes out of the closet! As a vegan. He couldn’t have done it without the support of animal rights champion Nathan Runkle (our first ever repeat guest!). Oh, also, apparently there's no room in heaven for gays. Listen to hear the full story!


11/18/09 - Jack Mackenroth

29.57 MB

Who’s a hot mess?!? Not Ken. Not Becca. And CERTAINLY not model, designer (including a star turn on Project Runway!), swimmer and all-around paragon of awesomeness Jack Mackenroth. Ok, maybe Ken and Becca are a little. But not Jack. Never Jack. :)


11/11/09 - Sacha Sacket

33.27 MB

Gays aren’t God’s best?!? Bite me, Joel Osteen. Being gay is a choice?!? Seriously, bite me Tracy Morgan (and we’re not watching 30 Rock anymore now!). Amidst all the biting, we welcomed absurdly talented singer/songwriter Sacha Sackett to the show. Who knew he was the Maine LGBT representative?!?


11/4/09 - Rob Williams

35.52 MB

Angry? Proud? Confused? Misanthropic? Loopy? How should we feel after the developments in Maine and Washington?!? Well, heck, we here at “This Show is So Gay!” don’t know, but we still had a show regardless.

10/28/09 - Kelly King

32.37 MB

You folks get that this a live radio show, right? No?!? Then check out the part where the amazing and incomparable Kelly King hangs up on us! That said, she didn’t mean it, she called back, and she just rocks. Take a listen and support independent artists!


10/21/09 - Glenn Douglas Packard

35.82 MB

Jodi is back in the co-hosting chair and she really tried to push her depraved lifestyle on our children and families with her tuxedo and her fondness for drapery.

10/14/09 - Charles Robbins

30.63 MB

What a gay week! Hate crimes legislation? Passed! President Obama speaking to HRC? Done. March on Washington? Marched. And to top it off, we welcomed Charles Robbins, the absurdly-inspirational Executive Director of The Trevor Project. Spread their contact info around as it could save a life!


10/7/09 - Daniel Gray

31.84 MB

Who is unconquerable?!? Ken, Becca and musician Daniel Gray are!! Take a listen, find out why and prepare to dance!

I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
Leave the World Behind - Daniel Gray

9/30/09 - Our 50th Show!

34.4 MB

It’s our 50th show! It’s our 50th show! Just Ken, Becca and a lot of gay talk.

Hide Me - Winterpills
Me - Kate Pazakis
Hand in My Pocket - Kate Pazakis

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