11/11/09 - Sacha Sacket

33.27 MB

Gays aren’t God’s best?!? Bite me, Joel Osteen. Being gay is a choice?!? Seriously, bite me Tracy Morgan (and we’re not watching 30 Rock anymore now!). Amidst all the biting, we welcomed absurdly talented singer/songwriter Sacha Sackett to the show. Who knew he was the Maine LGBT representative?!?


11/4/09 - Rob Williams

35.52 MB

Angry? Proud? Confused? Misanthropic? Loopy? How should we feel after the developments in Maine and Washington?!? Well, heck, we here at “This Show is So Gay!” don’t know, but we still had a show regardless.

10/28/09 - Kelly King

32.37 MB

You folks get that this a live radio show, right? No?!? Then check out the part where the amazing and incomparable Kelly King hangs up on us! That said, she didn’t mean it, she called back, and she just rocks. Take a listen and support independent artists!


10/21/09 - Glenn Douglas Packard

35.82 MB

Jodi is back in the co-hosting chair and she really tried to push her depraved lifestyle on our children and families with her tuxedo and her fondness for drapery.

10/14/09 - Charles Robbins

30.63 MB

What a gay week! Hate crimes legislation? Passed! President Obama speaking to HRC? Done. March on Washington? Marched. And to top it off, we welcomed Charles Robbins, the absurdly-inspirational Executive Director of The Trevor Project. Spread their contact info around as it could save a life!


10/7/09 - Daniel Gray

31.84 MB

Who is unconquerable?!? Ken, Becca and musician Daniel Gray are!! Take a listen, find out why and prepare to dance!

I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
Leave the World Behind - Daniel Gray

9/30/09 - Our 50th Show!

34.4 MB

It’s our 50th show! It’s our 50th show! Just Ken, Becca and a lot of gay talk.

Hide Me - Winterpills
Me - Kate Pazakis
Hand in My Pocket - Kate Pazakis

9/23/09 - Idgy Dean

31.29 MB

Happy “Celebrate Bisexuality Day”!! We celebrated this august holiday by welcoming Pachamama-garage-rock-superstar Idgy Dean! You heard her promise to name a song after Ken’s dog. Hold her to that promise.

Onion’s Milk - Idgy Dean

9/16/09 - Amy Balliett

35.04 MB

After we revel in the fact that we’re not living in Indonesia, we welcomed activist superstar Amy Balliett to inspire us all to act. The three of us then declared this show to be “The Official Willow Witte Appreciation Show” cause she deserves it!


9/9/09 - Will Wikle

31.29 MB

You want inspiration?!? Then step right up! First up, teenage trans-hero Kyle Giard-Chase details his amazing work as he fights for equality in our home state of Vermont. Truly amazing.

9/2/09 - Mawidge

27.05 MB

Mawidge...mawidge is what bwings us togewer today...

Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears
(lead-out) Get Here – Oleta Adams

8/26/09 - Jamie Lauren

30.14 MB

Guest-host extraordinaire Jodi filled in tonight, jumping right into the TSISG frying pan, as we welcomed Jamie Lauren, executive chef and Top Chef contestant. What did we learn? Butter=good. Coriander brownies=bad.


8/19/09 - Why Gays Are In Therapy....

24.55 MB

Becca opines for Bea Arthur and Ken gets to say “Quebec” a ton. What more could you want on a steamy summer night?!?

Don’t Stop Believing – The Cast of Glee
Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
Physical Fascination - Madonna
(lead-out) One Boy – Camp Records

TSISG Highlights Show!

52.66 MB

The ghosts of gay guests past visit us as we take a trip down memory lane. Listen in as we rebroadcast some of our favorite moments, including our interviews with Ari Shapiro, Diana Nyad and Mayor E. Denise Simmons. Good times!

8/5/09 - A Brief Gay Foray

21.17 MB

We had gay places to go and gay things to do, so it was a most abbreviated show tonight. But we still managed to cram in gay bishops, reparative therapy, a ton of marriage information and the idea of Ken and Becca working a gear truck. Not bad for a short show!

Angels Would Fall – Melissa Etheridge

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