11/27/14 - The Reverend Eileen Brownell

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It’s a week of giving thanks and we’re feeling oh so appreciative!

In that spirit, we welcome The Reverend Eileen Brownell, an amazing soul who Ken encountered on this year’s AIDS LifeCycle. She takes the time on this week’s episode to share her spiritual journey, to detail her incredible tale of pedaling those hundreds of miles in June and even to provide some tips for trout fishing and for making our roses thrive…literally and metaphorically.

11/20/14 - Jeff Krell

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We’re throwing ourselves into the wonderful world of comics this week and what a joyous journey it always proves to be.

Pioneering comic book creator Jeff Krell joins us to talk about his storied career with his creation Jayson. We learn a freakin TON of backstory about Jayson, his mother, his besties and his Christmas journey. And yet we barely even make a dent in Jeff’s own past, so we certainly will be having him back to dish!


11/13/14 - David Michael Barrett

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So, you set out to raise $100,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. Ambitious, risky, stress-inducing. But sometimes?: incredibly fruitful!

11/5/14 - Matt Crabtree

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Hey! Isn’t that the guy who was on Modern Family, Nip/Tuck, Will and Grace, Diagnosis Murder and every other show I have ever seen?!?

10/30/14 - Angelo Garcia

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He’s unique. He’s outspoken. He can belt. And, one could argue that he works out some.

The one and only Angelo Garcia joins for a wide ranging chat covering everything from his legendary time in Menudo to his passion for fitness to how his social media presence just freakin exploded! This is one gent with pure personality, so sit back and enjoy!

10/23/14 - Casper Andreas

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Hej, jag heter Ken. And after a 5 year break, filmmaker Casper Andreas has returned to our rainbow airwaves.

10/16/14 - Billie Myers

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If you’re looking for a guarded interview where nothing is revealed, holy heck have you come to the wrong episode.

10/9/14 - LGBT News Round-Up!

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There’s so much LGBT news out there that we don't have time for guests this week!

Instead, listen in for a full hour of Ken and Becca broadcasting from the 6110 Fir Avenue Attic reflecting on everything from marriage equality to crying bakers to trans teens.

What’s Becca’s go-to Karaoke song? How hurt did Ken get by an e-mail? And what exactly can you bake for the KKK? All this and more on this week’s jam-packed episode! (Also, the phrase "Jew-y schmear of shame")


10/2/14 - Marko Liias & Alice Derock

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On what other radio show can you hear about Washington State politics, lesbian adult novelties and crying wedding cake makers all in one episode?!? That’s right, you’ve come to the right place.

First up, we’re rejoined by our great friend Washington State Senator Marko Liias for a rousing chat about all things Evergreen including the beauty of the 21st district, how to run an ethical campaign and how to get a state senator to punish your ex-boyfriend.

9/25/14 - Casey Carey-Brown

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What fun! What fun! A most entertaining episode!

First up, award-winning blogger Casey Carey-Brown shares with us how she keeps herself motivated, what it’s like to separate from your daughter in the library for that very first time and how exactly to become one of the most prolific wordsmiths we have ever encountered!

Rainbow Rewind 1/16/14 - Sonari Glinton, Zoe Chace & Jason Dudey

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Ken is snowed under by the new semester so here's a 2nd chance to hear 3 guests. So. Much. Fun! First up, NPR’s own Sonari Glinton and Zoe Chace join forces to talk about everything from Eydie Gormé to Kanye West to their new hit talk show that simply must be created if we have anything to say about it.

9/11/14 - Tracy Baim

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Sometimes, we could have a guest on for hours and hours and hours and still not scratch the surface of their incredible contributions to the landscape of raising up LGBT voices.

9/4/14 - Sarah Toce & Robbyne Kaamil

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Two amazing guests. Two unique voices. Two forces for change. Two reasons you will listen and then be inspired.

First up, award-winning journalist Sarah Toce of the The Seattle Lesbian delivers a master-class in writing, interviewing and self-starting. And, she takes the time to frolic with Ken through a snowy street in New York City.

8/28/14 - Jonathan D. Lovitz

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Want to create change? All you need is a positive attitude, a passion for making a difference and a certainty that you could win the Hunger Games.

8/21/14 - Caryn Hayes

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What can you achieve in 20 minutes? Well, if you’re writer/director/producer Caryn Hayes, the answer is: quite a bit! Caryn stops by to talk all about her new short film Clean Hands which you should go watch, y’know, now! And she offers up some writing tips, provides some advice on storytelling and confirms that she is not even remotely underhanded.

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