Rainbow Rewind 1/16/14 - Sonari Glinton, Zoe Chace & Jason Dudey

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Ken is snowed under by the new semester so here's a 2nd chance to hear 3 guests. So. Much. Fun! First up, NPR’s own Sonari Glinton and Zoe Chace join forces to talk about everything from Eydie Gormé to Kanye West to their new hit talk show that simply must be created if we have anything to say about it.

9/11/14 - Tracy Baim

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Sometimes, we could have a guest on for hours and hours and hours and still not scratch the surface of their incredible contributions to the landscape of raising up LGBT voices.

9/4/14 - Sarah Toce & Robbyne Kaamil

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Two amazing guests. Two unique voices. Two forces for change. Two reasons you will listen and then be inspired.

First up, award-winning journalist Sarah Toce of the The Seattle Lesbian delivers a master-class in writing, interviewing and self-starting. And, she takes the time to frolic with Ken through a snowy street in New York City.

8/28/14 - Jonathan D. Lovitz

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Want to create change? All you need is a positive attitude, a passion for making a difference and a certainty that you could win the Hunger Games.

8/21/14 - Caryn Hayes

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What can you achieve in 20 minutes? Well, if you’re writer/director/producer Caryn Hayes, the answer is: quite a bit! Caryn stops by to talk all about her new short film Clean Hands which you should go watch, y’know, now! And she offers up some writing tips, provides some advice on storytelling and confirms that she is not even remotely underhanded.

8/14/14 - Rick Flynn

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This week, we're challenging you to expand your focus to include the great big world out there in which our LGBT brothers and sisters are facing obstacles that are almost unfathomable.

8/7/14 - Erin Foley & Hank E. Panky

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Balls, belly-laughs, burlesque and probably a ton more b-words we can’t even think of on this week’s most entertaining episode.

First up, comedian Erin Foley returns to bring the laughs as we gab about everything from the rocking glory of Heart, the distinct joys of audience interaction and the warm embrace of Sallie Mae. AND, our first ever So Gay Sports Segment! What?!?

7/31/14 - Sharon Stapel

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Yes, there are a ton of issues of inequality out there, but when it comes to violence against our LGBTQ and HIV-affected brothers and sisters, we must ALL stand up and do something now because lives are *actually* being lost.

7/24/14 - Josh Robbins & Ryan James Yezak

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Whether you are telling your own story or creating national action, there are countless ways for you to make a difference. And this episode proves it!

7/17/14 - Marina Rice Bader

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All it takes to make a difference in this world is the vision, will and drive to use your own unique voice.

7/10/14 - Adam Feldman

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You want to talk theater, folks? Well, talk theater we most certainly do this week as we’re joined by Adam Feldman, theater and cabaret reviewer for Time Out New York. Which Tony Awards performances should you go check out online right this very second?

7/3/14 - Leanna Creel & Phil Putnam

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We're celebrating Pride with two of the most entertaining guests around!

Rainbow Rewind 8/1/13 - John Schwartz & Bella Sin

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Ken is moving into his first ever house this week, so we're taking a break to bring you this fan-favorite episode from last year.

6/19/14 - Tyler Curry & J. Rizzo Mertz

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Two incredible guests 30 and under proving yet again that age should not be a factor when you want to create significant change in this world!

First up, Tyler Curry, the senior editor and head writer of HIV Equal Online, fights through his jet lag to share his thoughts on the state of HIV/AIDS today, to outline how to garner youth involvement and to highlight insane workout routines that Ken will never ever try.

6/12/14 - Traci Dinwiddie & Sean Ray

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Ken has returned from AIDS LifeCycle 2014 and he’s looking to share some of that experience with you all with two just-plain-incredible participants.

First up, the beautiful, talented and goddess-like Traci Dinwiddie returns after her week in the bike saddle to talk about love bubbles, emotional flat tires, t-bugs and how she and her mustached team raised over $300,000(!).

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