6/25/15 - Harrison Scott

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What do you get when combine amazing beats, some slick dance moves and synthpop music? Well, this week’s episode, of course!

We’re joined by synthpop singer Harrison Scott to talk about everything from darkness on the dance floor to children’s musical theater to Wikipedia holes. We may be shirtless while chatting, we may not. Who knows? It’s all fun regardless!

6/18/15 – Chana Rothman

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Folks, there are amazing folks doing just plain amazing things. And this week, we are proud to feature another one of them!

We’re joined by singer/songwriter, musical community organizer, and educator Chana Rothman for a truly delightful chat about music, faith, children, creativity and passion. This truly is one of those episodes where you will stop and say, “Yeah, there is goodness out there.”

6/11/15 - Ray Caspio

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There’s all SORTS of excitement in the attic this week!

We’re joined by performer/illustrator/writer/monologist/educator Ray Caspio for an actual in-person chat! We cover everything from Wonder Woman to Maude to Republican National Conventions.

6/4/15 - DaShanne Stokes

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Yet another lesson in raising up your voice to create change!

We’re joined this week by author/speaker/commentator/civil rights activist DaShanne Stokes to break down all of the latest happenings with the boy scouts. An eagle scout himself, DaShanne lets us know what we ALL can do to step up and make a difference. AND, we get to talk about mascots and eagle feather law, so there’s a ton of ground to cover!

5/28/15 - Rolla Selbak

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Movies and orientation leaders and Crystal Waters, oh my!

5/21/15 - Pride.com

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What if a website existed that was specifically geared towards LGBTQ millennials? What would it look like?!?

Well, wonder no more, because she’s here! Levi Chambers, editor-in-chief of Pride.Com, stops in to talk all about this exciting new outlet which just celebrated its launch this week! Listen in to learn how to cater a site to 20-somethings, what it’s like to work with content that’s always trending and how you can fit Ruth Bader-Ginsburg into the mix.

5/14/15 - J Mase III

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This, THIS, our friends, is what it sounds like to use your voice to make a difference.

We are honored to welcome the fierce and fabulous poet J Mace III to our show to talk about everything from the poetry of 8-year-olds to the power of intersectionality to challenging leaders to the creation of Awqward, an incredible talent roster of trans and queer people of color! Holy heck do we love J Mase III.

5/7/15 - Mary Gauthier & Matthew Connor

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This week we’re making our own type of music. We’re singing our own special song!

First up, Americana singing/songwriting legend Mary Gauthier joins us for a riveting chat covering everything from her incredible musical path to the heart-work of her craft to that time that she was inspired by drag queens in limousines. All that AND her special salmon recipe.

4/30/15 - Andrew Schneider & Dario

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From politics to pop music to personality, this week’s episode has everything for you perfect peoples.

First up, Andrew Schneider, executive director of Fairness West Virginia, shares with us what it’s like to do advocacy work in The Mountain State including how to get different voices at the table, how to navigate the West Virginian climate for equality and how everyone (yes everyone!) can get involved!

4/23/15 - Dean Hamer

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After a 6 year (!) break, award-winning scientist-turned-filmmaker Dean Hamer returns to discuss his riveting new documentary Kumu Hina, the story of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident māhū, or transgender woman, and an honored and respected kumu, or teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader.

4/16/15 - Luke Yankee

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Don’t live in the past! Let’s talk about the present. But also maybe mention the past because there are so many great tales found there?

We are most excited to welcome back author/playwright/actor/director Luke Yankee to our rainbow radiowaves. Luke is just an incredible guest and he shares all new stories about his Oscar-winning mom, her award-winning colleagues and the rumor mill involving former a certain former Catwoman that he had work done (he didn’t).

4/9/15 - Eli Conley & Adam Ragusea

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What does the craft of singing/songwriting have to do with bodybuilding? Well, next to nothing, but that doesn’t stop us from shining the light on both topics in this week’s fun-filled episode.

First up, the über talented musician Eli Conley joins us to talk about voice: how you can use it to lift up listeners, explore your own identity and even provide therapy for your audiences. He’s headed out on tour and you must must MUST catch him in a city near you.

4/2/15 - Daniel Gray

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Sometimes, you need to take a few minutes to forget the cares of the world and dive into pop culture escapism. And that’s what we do…for half of this week’s episode!

Singer/songwriter/troublemaker Daniel Gray returns to dish on all the latest drama out there in pop culture land including creative casting ideas for The Wiz, an ode to Britney, a salute to Empire and the shocking revelation that Ken has never seen Glitter.

3/26/15 - Jim J. Bullock

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It’s our 300th Episode! It’s our 300th Episode!! Holy rainbows!!

And what better way to celebrate this huge milestone than with Ken’s first ever tv crush: Jim J. Bullock!! We have just the most incredible chat with Jim J. covering everything from Too Close For Comfort to Hollywood Squares to ALF to how Jim J is technically the leader of all of us gays because he came out of the closet on The Joan Rivers Show Who else can say that?!?

AND!, a special appearance from Ken’s mom!

3/19/15 - Dr. Frankie Bashan

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Love! Relationships! Break-ups! Dating! We are here to lend a hand this week.

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