3/12/15 - Rachel and Trixie of the Kinsey Sicks

20.29 MB

They’re one of our favorite groups out there in the world. And they are also the group that will make you bury your face in your hands. In a good way!

3/5/15 - Suzanne Whang & Terry Ray

20.29 MB

On what other podcast do you get to hear about Spenser for Hire, Steve Martin, Jim J. Bullock and Baywatch all in one episode? None! (and you’re welcome)

First up, the lovely, talented and overachieving Suzanne Whang returns to talk about her journey to entertainment success (hint: avoid power outages), her Playing Field and her culinary abilities.

2/26/15 - Mark Bessenger

20.29 MB

We’re giving you movie, horror, drama realness this week!

Award-winning screenwriter/director/producer Mark Bessenger joins us after a 4 year absence to talk about his latest film The Last Straight Man, embracing his penchant for horror and his quest to create LGBT content for all of us to consume. And his song selection for the week is one for the ages.

Rainbow Rewind 7/25/13 - A Great Big World & Dr. Frankie

20.26 MB

It's Ken's birthday, so we're giving you a second chance to hear these newly-minted GRAMMY WINNERS!!

2/12/15 - Kenyon Farrow

20.25 MB

Sometimes our guests love being with us so much that they need to take a four year break before they return. It’s just that fulfilling!

2/5/15 - Chris Riffle

20.26 MB

Light a candle, get into downward dog and go all zen as we bring to you yet another amazingly talented musician on this week’s episode.

We’ve been so honored to host so many incredible singer/songwriters over the years and this week is no exception as we welcome Chris Riffle to talk about everything from his creative process to singing at his own wedding to how we can get Yankee Candle to start sponsoring his career.

1/29/15 - Elise Johansen & Justin Chenette

20.26 MB

For our latest installment of ‘These 50 States Are So Gay!”, we are trekking up to the Pine Tree State. That’s right! We’re exploring LGBT life in the great state of Maine!

1/22/15 - Maggie Keenan-Bolger

20.26 MB

So very many amazing ways to use your voice to make a difference and this week’s incredible guest presents to us yet one more!

1/15/15 - Elyzabeth Holford

20.26 MB

Here we are in Ohio, a locale where, on the one hand, we are in the minority of states without marriage equality but, on the other side of the rainbow spectrum, we just hosted the Gay Games and now sport the queerest city in the United States (Dayton?!?). How do we navigate towards equality while still retaining a sense of who we are as a community?

1/8/15 - Alec Fischer

20.29 MB

If someone is telling you that you are too young or too green or too ANYTHING to use your voice to make a difference, then you sit them right down and play them this week’s episode!

1/1/15 - Paige Davis

20.17 MB

We are starting out the new year in a MOST incredible fashion by welcoming one of Ken’s favorite people on this planet: Paige Davis!

12/25/14 - Neda Ulaby

20.26 MB

Well, if it is the holiday season, that can only mean one thing on This Show is So Gay! That’s right: Neda Ulaby! You can shove your mistletoe, eggnog and fruitcakes; we’ll take our favoritest NPR arts and culture reporter any Christmas you throw at us. In this, our annual yuletide chat, we cover everything from sapiosexuals to schneckosexuals to Supernatural to why you should always ALWAYS avoid the comments section.

Rainbow Rewind 7/31/14 - Sharon Stapel

20.23 MB

Ken is volunteering in Chicago with a group of students this week, so here's your second chance to hear a pivotal interview.

Yes, there are a ton of issues of inequality out there, but when it comes to violence against our LGBTQ and HIV-affected brothers and sisters, we must ALL stand up and do something now because lives are *actually* being lost.

Rainbow Rewind 8/7/14 - Erin Foley & Hank E. Panky

20.29 MB

Ken is in the middle of grading papers so here's a second change to hear balls, belly-laughs, burlesque and probably a ton more b-words we can’t even think of on this most entertaining episode.

First up, comedian Erin Foley returns to bring the laughs as we gab about everything from the rocking glory of Heart, the distinct joys of audience interaction and the warm embrace of Sallie Mae. AND, our first ever So Gay Sports Segment! What?!?

12/4/14 - William Blake

20.26 MB

So, you’re on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And Miss USA is over your back shoulder waving. And the Ronald McDonald balloon is coming up fast behind you. What do you do?!?

Well, if you are cabaret star William Blake, you put on a big gay scarf and sing the hell out of a Thanksgiving song to 22.6 million people watching around the world. And that’s just what he did and he is here to tell us all about it! So. Much. Fun!

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