Rainbow Rewind 6/18/15 - Chana Rothman

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Folks, there are amazing folks doing just plain amazing things. And this week, we are proud to feature another one of them!

We’re joined by singer/songwriter, musical community organizer, and educator Chana Rothman for a truly delightful chat about music, faith, children, creativity and passion. This truly is one of those episodes where you will stop and say, “Yeah, there is goodness out there.”

11/5/15 - Dick and Duane

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Sometimes, we need to take some time to breathe before inviting guests back. In one case, we need more than a year before we’re emotionally ready.

10/29/15 - Ryan Jay

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If Annie can do it, why can’t we? So grab your popcorn and let’s go to the movies!

We’re joined this week by the effervescent and uber-engaging Ryan Jay, our favoritest nationally syndicated radio film critic out there. This wide-ranging and crazy entertaining chat covers everything from the joys of The Wizard of Oz to the fun of the red carpet to the agony of Ryan taking a turn at our quiz…the important thing is that he tried real hard!

10/22/15 - Sarah Prager

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There is so much that can happen at the corner of technology and activism. Join us there this week!

We’re pleased to welcome Sarah Prager, the creator of Quist, an incredible FREE mobile app you can download right this very second that will teach you all about our shared LGBT history. Find out just how much can be accomplished when we make activism more accessible!

10/15/15 - Marc Acito

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There’s busy. And then there’s “Holy cow, how on earth do you get all that done?!?”

This week’s episode fully explores the latter as we welcome award-winning novelist, playwright, professor, librettist and radio voice Marc Acito to our rainbow airwaves. Marc has a show opening on Broadway and another that is New York-bound so we talk all about the stage, the pen and the early life of Judy Garland.

10/8/15 - Jeff Graham

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Hop on that midnight train, folks, because we’re headed down to the amazing state of Georgia this week to learn all about the great things being done for the LGBT community in the Peach State.

10/1/15 - Troy Williams

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7 years ago today, This Show is So Gay broadcasted its first episode, and 324 episodes later, we’re still going strong talking to amazing folks doing amazing things.

9/24/15 - Melissa Ferrick & It Gets Better Project

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Everything you want, listeners? It’s right here in your hands. Right here in your hands. Right here in your hands.

9/17/15 - Kelli Rabke

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We’re going to tell you the story of a boy whose dreams came true. And, hey, listeners: it could be you!

That’s right, we’re joined by the dazzling, effervescent and insanely talented Kelli Rabke, a Broadway star who lights up every stage she graces. Kelli shares incredible tales of auditions, soap operas and navigating a career in this business. AND, we challenge her to a not-so-challenging quiz on all things Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

9/10/15 - AJ Bockelman & Chris Hartman

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From the Show Me State to the Bluegrass State, there is incredible work being done to create fairness, equality and community all across the land.

First up, AJ Bockelman, the executive director of PROMO, gives us tips on how to move things forward in the great state of Missouri from legislation to coalition-building to leading meaningful transformation. And, he has exciting news for the future!

9/3/15 - Ronnie Woo & Maritza Martinez

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Whether it is through food or family acceptance, there are so many ways to change the world. And here are two great examples!

First up, chef and culinary personality Ronnie Woo joins us to talk all about his incredible new show Food to Get You Laid - real people, real relationships, real kitchens and real ingredients. Ronnie is just a ball of fun and you’ll walk away from this segment smiling…and hungry.

8/27/15 - Seth Sikes & M. Carmen Lane

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An homage Judy Garland, live poetry and an exciting announcement! This episode has it all.

First up, actor/director/entertainer Seth Sikes joins to talk about his return to the stage, his passion for Judy Garland and what he and Ken will sing together when they join forces in a NYC piano bar.

Rainbow Rewind 11/27/14 - The Reverend Eileen Brownell

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Ken is in the midst of the chaos of the first week of a new academic year, so we're bringing you this highlight when we welcomed The Reverend Eileen Brownell, an amazing soul who Ken encountered on this year’s AIDS LifeCycle. She takes the time on this week’s episode to share her spiritual journey, to detail her incredible tale of pedaling those hundreds of miles in June and even to provide some tips for trout fishing and for making our roses thrive…literally and metaphorically.

8/13/15 - Joshua Warr

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Bowties and cabaret and drag, oh my! This episode has it all.

We’re tickled pink to welcome actor/singer/director Joshua Warr who zooms in and out on his path to the stage and screen. There was even that time he danced the part of Teddy Roosevelt. And that’s not a metaphor.

8/6/15 - Thomas Mizer

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We often talk about musicals that enter the public consciousness. But how do they even get there?!? Let’s call this episode, “Anatomy of a Musical.”

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