Rainbow Rewind 11/27/14 - The Reverend Eileen Brownell

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Ken is in the midst of the chaos of the first week of a new academic year, so we're bringing you this highlight when we welcomed The Reverend Eileen Brownell, an amazing soul who Ken encountered on this year’s AIDS LifeCycle. She takes the time on this week’s episode to share her spiritual journey, to detail her incredible tale of pedaling those hundreds of miles in June and even to provide some tips for trout fishing and for making our roses thrive…literally and metaphorically.

8/13/15 - Joshua Warr

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Bowties and cabaret and drag, oh my! This episode has it all.

We’re tickled pink to welcome actor/singer/director Joshua Warr who zooms in and out on his path to the stage and screen. There was even that time he danced the part of Teddy Roosevelt. And that’s not a metaphor.

8/6/15 - Thomas Mizer

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We often talk about musicals that enter the public consciousness. But how do they even get there?!? Let’s call this episode, “Anatomy of a Musical.”

7/30/15 - Alina Troyano & Carmelita Tropicana

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There are performance artists. And then there are performance artist LEGENDS. This episode most definitely sports the latter.

7/23/15 - Ben Rimalower

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Diva in the house! Diva in the house!

Well, not exactly. But the lovely and talented Ben Rimalower is indeed with us and we’re talking about ALL things Patti LuPone, from a safe distance out of cell phone reach of course. AND, we delve into the wonderful world of cabaret and hold an Ellen Greene Appreciation Summit, so you can’t go wrong downloading this episode straightaway.

7/16/15 - Michael Friedman

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After what feels like forever and a day, we’re back from summer vacation and boy oh boy do we have a fun show for you!

We’re joined by award-winning composer/lyricist Michael Friedman for a truly wide-ranging chat about all things musicals. We cover the craft from what stimulates Michael’s writing to the current accessibility of the genre to that time that he spent researching gay-for-pay porn. Yes. That.

Rainbow Rewind 3/26/15 - Jim J. Bullock

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Ken is traveling this week so here's your 2nd chance to hear our 300th Episode!

And what better way to celebrate this huge milestone than with Ken’s first ever tv crush: Jim J. Bullock!! We have just the most incredible chat with Jim J. covering everything from Too Close For Comfort to Hollywood Squares to ALF to how Jim J is technically the leader of all of us gays because he came out of the closet on The Joan Rivers Show Who else can say that?!?

Rainbow Rewind: 3/5/15 - Suzanne Whang & Terry Ray

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As Ken recuperates from his backpacking adventure, here's your second chance to hear a MOST entertaining episode.

On what other podcast do you get to hear about Spenser for Hire, Steve Martin, Jim J. Bullock and Baywatch all in one episode? None! (and you’re welcome)

6/25/15 - Harrison Scott

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What do you get when combine amazing beats, some slick dance moves and synthpop music? Well, this week’s episode, of course!

We’re joined by synthpop singer Harrison Scott to talk about everything from darkness on the dance floor to children’s musical theater to Wikipedia holes. We may be shirtless while chatting, we may not. Who knows? It’s all fun regardless!

6/18/15 – Chana Rothman

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Folks, there are amazing folks doing just plain amazing things. And this week, we are proud to feature another one of them!

We’re joined by singer/songwriter, musical community organizer, and educator Chana Rothman for a truly delightful chat about music, faith, children, creativity and passion. This truly is one of those episodes where you will stop and say, “Yeah, there is goodness out there.”

6/11/15 - Ray Caspio

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There’s all SORTS of excitement in the attic this week!

We’re joined by performer/illustrator/writer/monologist/educator Ray Caspio for an actual in-person chat! We cover everything from Wonder Woman to Maude to Republican National Conventions.

6/4/15 - DaShanne Stokes

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Yet another lesson in raising up your voice to create change!

We’re joined this week by author/speaker/commentator/civil rights activist DaShanne Stokes to break down all of the latest happenings with the boy scouts. An eagle scout himself, DaShanne lets us know what we ALL can do to step up and make a difference. AND, we get to talk about mascots and eagle feather law, so there’s a ton of ground to cover!

5/28/15 - Rolla Selbak

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Movies and orientation leaders and Crystal Waters, oh my!

5/21/15 - Pride.com

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What if a website existed that was specifically geared towards LGBTQ millennials? What would it look like?!?

Well, wonder no more, because she’s here! Levi Chambers, editor-in-chief of Pride.Com, stops in to talk all about this exciting new outlet which just celebrated its launch this week! Listen in to learn how to cater a site to 20-somethings, what it’s like to work with content that’s always trending and how you can fit Ruth Bader-Ginsburg into the mix.

5/14/15 - J Mase III

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This, THIS, our friends, is what it sounds like to use your voice to make a difference.

We are honored to welcome the fierce and fabulous poet J Mace III to our show to talk about everything from the poetry of 8-year-olds to the power of intersectionality to challenging leaders to the creation of Awqward, an incredible talent roster of trans and queer people of color! Holy heck do we love J Mase III.

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