8/19/09 - Why Gays Are In Therapy....

24.55 MB

Becca opines for Bea Arthur and Ken gets to say “Quebec” a ton. What more could you want on a steamy summer night?!?

Don’t Stop Believing – The Cast of Glee
Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
Physical Fascination - Madonna
(lead-out) One Boy – Camp Records

TSISG Highlights Show!

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The ghosts of gay guests past visit us as we take a trip down memory lane. Listen in as we rebroadcast some of our favorite moments, including our interviews with Ari Shapiro, Diana Nyad and Mayor E. Denise Simmons. Good times!

8/5/09 - A Brief Gay Foray

21.17 MB

We had gay places to go and gay things to do, so it was a most abbreviated show tonight. But we still managed to cram in gay bishops, reparative therapy, a ton of marriage information and the idea of Ken and Becca working a gear truck. Not bad for a short show!

Angels Would Fall – Melissa Etheridge

7/29/09 - Ariel Levy

33.75 MB

From butch to bat mitzvahs, from marriage to Mystics, we covered a ton of ground with writer Ariel Levy on tonight’s show. We’re still not sure what a catfish derby is, but maybe you could let us know?!?

Oh What a World – Rufus Wainwright

7/22/09 - briana Sevigny

35.97 MB

Auctioning off a guest spot on TSISG = Interesting.
Someone actually purchasing it = Awe-inspiring!
Hats off to tonight's special guest briana Sevigny. She was an absolute treat!

Both Hands – Ani DiFranco
Raspberry Swirl – Tori Amos
Too Funky – George Michael

7/15/09 - Tyler Angle

30.44 MB

Becca and Ken embraced their private dancers as they welcomed Tyler Angle, soloist with the New York City Ballet. Where is the intersection between sexual orientation, ballet and masculinity? Is there a Venus and Serena of the ballet world?

7/8/09 - Mary Jane Karger

34.08 MB

Mary Jane KargerHey you! Yeah you! The budding activist/leader/inspirer reading this. You want to know how to effectively rally the masses and make some real change?

7/1/09 - Paul Case

36.2 MB

It was a jam-packed night over at TSISG headquarters. First up, Dr. Reed Levine called in to explain an initiative to rethink how we vote on propositions.

6/24/09 - Dr. Nathaniel Frank

34.38 MB

After we spent a bit of time discussing the debacle named Perez Hilton, it was time to turn some real attention to the drama of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. To get the informed scoop, we were proud to welcome historian and author Dr. Nathaniel Frank.

6/17/09 - Our Strange Nation...

29.6 MB

As the frustration with the Obama administration grows (exponentially!), Ken and Becca tried to calm the masses. And by that, we mean that they did no such thing and instead got riled up themselves. Huge thanks to Adam, one of our listeners who called in to put things in perspective. A true lady liberty he is.


6/10/09 - Lorri L. Jean

29.05 MB

Becca's back from her European adventures and Ken has returned from AIDS LifeCycle 8 just in time to welcome civil rights legend Lorri L. Jean. Guests don't get much more important than this, folks! Enjoy!


5/27/09 - ANT

36.16 MB

With so much going on in the gay world, we don't have time for little things like introductions! So we skip all that and get right to the good stuff with the incomparable ANT! And good stuff it truly is...this is a great interview with a truly superb guest. Enjoy!

Playlist -

5/20/09 - Dr. Marjorie Hill

28.32 MB

Here's the thing: there are some amazing people out there doing some just incredible work. Dr. Marjorie Hill, the Chief Executive Officer of GMHC, is one of those people. Be attentive. Be entertained. Be inspired. Oh, and dance...cause she picked some great tunes!


5/14/09 - Anne Neczypor

29.66 MB

Mermaids...anti-4th of July sentiments...not-even-remotely troll-like features. On their own? Nonsense. But when writer/comedian Anne Neczypor calls in, it all becomes clear. Well, if not clear, then certainly entertaining!


5/6/09 - Robyn Ochs

32.62 MB

Swine Flu?!? Hanukkah with Portugal?!? Foxxy?!? We covered all this and tons, tons more when we were joined by writer/teacher/activist Robyn Ochs. Heck, it's enough to drive your endolphins through the roof!

Defenders of Marriage - Roy Zimmerman

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