4/29/09 - Cathy DeBuono

23.51 MB

This, folks, is what happens when community radio attacks! Listen to the first minute and you'll know what we mean. Huge, enormous, COLOSSAL thanks to actress Cathy DeBuono whose insights, laughter and amazing talent stabilized us during a truly chaotic night.


4/22/09 - Kenyon Farrow

33.88 MB

Oh, Miss California. So close...so close! After we waxed poetical about (apparently) the biggest gay news of the week, we welcomed writer Kenyon Farrow. He was insightful, charming, dapper (even on the radio!) and is going to win a certain fictitious mayoral election without even campaigning. See inside for details...

4/15/09 - Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson

33.55 MB

Y'know, sometimes the news is kinda depressing. And after the high of last week, we came down a bit with several "calls to action" (yet another instance of Ken violating FCC regulations...but hey, rules schmules, right?).

4/8/09 - Our Lady J

33.07 MB

Spring is here, folks. And the sky, it's so very blue. So, we're all gonna head to the chapel cause the Vermont legislature says we can get married! But first, we're going to detour through New York City as chanteuse-of-pure-brilliance Our Lady J tells us just where to go and just what to do. And hey, Dolly Parton!

4/1/09 - Senator Shumlin and Chastity Kirven

34.42 MB

It was a whirlwind night at TSISG as we welcomed not one, but TWO guests. First up, Vermont State Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin called in to give us all of the latest info on Vermont's Marriage Equality bill. Truly historic!

3/25/09 - Nathan Runkle

35.01 MB

Ken's is fired up about gay marriage?!? Becca almost curses on the air?!? Has this world gone cra-gay-zy?!? Good thing animal rights champion Nathan Runkle called in to ground us with a blueprint for action. Now get out there and make your voice heard people! Oh, and at least TRY the tofurkey!


3/18/09 - Sherry Vine

32.53 MB

Legendary cabaret star Sherry Vine stopped by the show to give advice to up-and-coming drag queens, regale us with stories and generally crack us up! Heck, she even helped Ken come out back in the day (listen for details!). In other news, we need a new tagline. Vote for your favorite at http://www.ThisShowIsSoGay.com !

3/11/09 - Anthony Goicolea

36.9 MB

There was an eclipse. Becca and Ken got into a fight. She threw a punch. He threw a barb. It was TOTAL DRAMA! But then famed artist/photographer Anthony Goicolea (GOY-co-lay-ah...don't ever get it wrong again!) called in to smooth things out and everything got better.

3/5/09 - Mayor E. Denise Simmons

33.71 MB

The results are in! And in a landslide, Mayor E. Denise Simmons has officially been elected the mayor of TSISG! Thank you for doing your civic duty by voting!

Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield

2/25/09 - You!!

34 MB

Without you, we're two chuckleheads rambling in a small room in VT. But with you...well, we're still chuckleheads, but you can hear us! Happy Listener Appreciation Week!

Through to Sunrise - Girlyman
Crazy - Andy Bell

2/18/09 - Diana Nyad

35.6 MB

It's official! TSISG has appointed journalist, swimming legend and über-inspirational Diana Nyad our Fitness Czar. Next stop? She's gonna get you out there exercising! Start stretching now.

Tell Me Something Good - Pink

2/11/09 - Jesse Archer

33.98 MB

Dear Listeners -

TSISG is now accepting donations for the Jesse Archer Duck Fund for Emotional Rapists. For more information, please listen to this week's show. Thank you for your support.

(lead-in) Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benetar
Your Disco Needs You - Kylie Minogue

2/4/09 - Casper Andreas

32.19 MB

Punchy. Yes, we think punchy best describes the mood for this show. There was some drama in the studio right before we went on the air (if you only knew!), but filmmaker Casper Andreas called in ere long and we calmed down a bit. Check out his movies...they have the best titles ever!

Playlist -

1/28/09 - Michael Bastian

34.16 MB

Becca's car was snowed in, so Ken manned the waves by his lonesome. Thankfully, famed fashion designer Michael Bastian kept him company, breaking the news about his upcoming show (we broke news!), sharing some amazing music and reiterating the most important lesson of all: Don't hitchhike!

Playlist -

1/21/09 - Mariah Hanson

30.21 MB

Ken danced. Becca rolled her eyes. Ken and Becca want to be Mariah Hanson...and hang out with her mom. Palm Springs and the Dinah, here we come!

Just Dance - Lady Gaga and Colby O'Donis
Get Together - Indigo Girls
I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

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