Rainbow Rewind 7/7/10 - Sylvia Allen & Andrew Suvalsky

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Let's go back in time to hear about Ken's first trip to Uganda with humanitarian Sylvia Allen who reassures us that Ken did not ruin U.S./Ugandan relations.

11/15/12 - Lauren Bedford Russell

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WHAT a fun-filled show as we get the real word from The Real L-Word’s Lauren Bedford Russell. It’s a voyage of self-discovery as we talk family, success and zebras. Yes, zebras. All this and Ken takes a whirlwind tour through the week’s gay news! Kansas residents – listen closely.


11/8/12 – Troy Roness & Eric Himan

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First up, writer/advocate/activist/educator Troy Roness drops in to talk about the intersection of gender, eating disorders and body image AND to work on his Vaudeville act with Ken that they’ll be premiering on a gay cruise near you.

11/1/12 - Governor Howard Dean & Nathan Manske

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A historic episode as we welcome Governor Howard Dean to discuss everything from Vermont history to the evolution of civil union legislation to Ken’s chances at being the first out gay governor.

10/25/12 - Jack Mackenroth & Friend Film

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He’s back!! Designer/model/swimmer/activist/huggable-gent Jack Mackenroth returns to us just in time to both celebrate the launch of Volttage.com and to give Ken some much needed swimming advice.

10/17/12 - Will Clark & it gets better - the musical

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Some of our favoritest guests return! First up, Will Clark pops back in to talk bingo, hate-watching, superpowers and dating tips. Then we get an update on it gets better – the musical from writer/director Liesel Reinhart and creative producer Jimmy Nguyen. In Iowa? Go see it!


10/10/12 - Andrea James & Geeks OUT

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By listener demand!, writer/director/producer/activist Andrea James pops in to talk all about trans representation in the media and takes a moment to get her old-school-trip-hop on! Then, Ken embraces his (right-on-the-surface) inner geek as Patrick and Jono bamf in from Geeks OUT.

10/3/12 - Dr. Ronni Sanlo

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Gay hero alert! Gay hero alert! We are joined by higher education LGBT icon Dr. Ronni Sanlo to talk about gay students, lavender graduations and how to create change without asking for permission.

9/26/12 - Sharon Stapel & Denis Dison

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Folks, THIS is what we do here at This Show is So Gay. Amazing chats with Sharon Stapel from the Anti-Violence Project and Denis Dison of The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund about their incredible work to make a difference in this world. Seriously, you too can make things happen. Get on it!


9/19/12 - Failing Upwards & Project DBGM

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Entertainment and education all in one episode! First, Matt Crabtree pops back in (with an adorable grin) to declare the hilarious webseries Failing Upwards officially open for viewing.

9/12/12 - Chris Verdugo & Karen Sherman

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Gays in the arts! First up, Chris Verdugo, the executive director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, finds his corner of the sky on our airwaves as we dish on all of the incredible things that group of gents is doing out there on that left coast.

9/5/12 - Dick and Duane & Bria and Chrissy

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Two incredible couples = one amazing episode. First up, husband-and-husband comedy team Dick and Duane make a triumphant and uproarious return as they dish on the world AND undertake the edge-of-your-seat challenge of The TSISG Newlywed Game!

8/29/12 - A Tale of 3 Doctors and 9 Youth

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New co-hosts! Dr. Helen and Dr. Kat join us for an LGBT roundtable in which we find out that the presence of three queers with PhDs doesn’t necessarily translate into a conversation that rises above sex toys being taped to luggage.

8/22/12 - Phil Putnam

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After a 2-year absence, singer/songwriter Phil Putnam returns to gay it up with Ken. We’re talking everything from Sondheim to Seussical to Silk Stalkings. Whoa! AND, Ken flies solo and romps through an extended take on this week’s LGBT news.

I Am Because You Are - Phil Putnam

Rainbow Rewind 7/13/11 - Charity Treks & Ty Kuppig

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Will Ken be able to bike 415 miles in a few weeks on Charity Treks?

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