2/7/13 - Mariah Hanson & Sir Ari Gold

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We love welcoming back old friends! First up, the incredible Mariah Hanson returns to dish on the The Dinah, the lesbian extravaganza of the year.

1/31/13 - Our 200th Episode!

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We’re celebrating our 200th(!) episode and this party is jam-packed with incredible guests! Incomparable singer/songwriter Susan Werner kicks things off to chat about creativity and empowering her audiences.

1/24/13 - So Gay Washington!

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Our “These 50 States Are So Gay!” series continues as we head out west to the Evergreen State: the great state of Washington!

1/17/13 - Willam

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Ken and Jodi cover a freaking TON of LGBT news. Jodi Foster: a rambling mess? Is your city one of the top 15 most LGBT friendly? And where have all the butches gone?!? All this AND an appearance by the incomparable (and OH so off-the-cuff) Willam!


1/10/13 - So Gay Vermont!

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We’re kicking off our “These 50 States Are So Gay!” series by traversing our home state of Vermont. From the vital community building work of the RU12?

1/3/13 - Matthew Breen & Cathy Renna

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We’re celebrating a SO gay new year by looking back at 2012 with Matthew Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate, and ahead to 2013 with Cathy Renna, our resident LGBT media guru. For auld lang syne, my dears!

Santa Maria – Gotan Project

12/27/12 - Neda Ulaby & Robin Cloud

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We’re closing out 2012 in style! First up, NPR’s Neda Ulaby returns to talk about the gay quotient in public radio, all things “random” and where we should all meet her on New Year’s.

12/20/12 - Andrew Solomon

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National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist Andrew Solomon (The Noonday Demon and Far From the Tree) joins us for a truly riveting chat on identity, pride, celebration and activism.

12/13/12 - Wayne Hoffman

23.5 MB

Once Ken adjusts to the game-changing info that there is such a thing as a Kosher Dunkin Donuts, he settles into a MOST entertaining chat with author Wayne Hoffman (Swee

12/6/12 - Dr. Frankie Bashan & Jimmy Nguyen

23.63 MB

So. Much. Fun! First up, Dr. Frankie Bashan returns to give us the very best dating and relationship advice. Can sex be saved? Is there too much of an age difference? Maybe you shouldn’t move in together on date #2?

11/29/12 - Billie Myers

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Ken is back from Uganda and just in time to gab it up with peerless singer/songwriter Billie Myers. They jump from politics to reality tv to music in a fun-filled romp of an interview. Should Billie be encouraged to be “less sexual”? Tune in to find out!

Rainbow Rewind 7/7/10 - Sylvia Allen & Andrew Suvalsky

23.59 MB

Let's go back in time to hear about Ken's first trip to Uganda with humanitarian Sylvia Allen who reassures us that Ken did not ruin U.S./Ugandan relations.

11/15/12 - Lauren Bedford Russell

23.67 MB

WHAT a fun-filled show as we get the real word from The Real L-Word’s Lauren Bedford Russell. It’s a voyage of self-discovery as we talk family, success and zebras. Yes, zebras. All this and Ken takes a whirlwind tour through the week’s gay news! Kansas residents – listen closely.


11/8/12 – Troy Roness & Eric Himan

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First up, writer/advocate/activist/educator Troy Roness drops in to talk about the intersection of gender, eating disorders and body image AND to work on his Vaudeville act with Ken that they’ll be premiering on a gay cruise near you.

11/1/12 - Governor Howard Dean & Nathan Manske

23.7 MB

A historic episode as we welcome Governor Howard Dean to discuss everything from Vermont history to the evolution of civil union legislation to Ken’s chances at being the first out gay governor.

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