4/3/14 - Kurt Loder & Suzanne Whang

20.26 MB

Holy rainbows, what an episode we have for you this week!

First up, legendary MTV News anchor and Rolling Stone editor Kurt Loder joins us to talk everything from Tina Turner’s stylings to Tori Amos’ ramblings to Eminem’s musings. And, he finally finishes a quote about Courtney Love from when she epically crashed his interview with Madonna at the VMAs.

3/27/14 - BeBe Zahara Benet & Nathan Runkle

20.26 MB

New friends. Old friends. We're all joining together this week!

First up, the fierce and fabulous BeBe Zahara Benet, the original superstar of RuPaul’s Drag Race, glides in to teach a master-class in beauty, attitude, positive energy and how even a gay Jew from New Jersey (that’d be Ken!) can give OH-so-good face!

3/20/14 - From Here on OUT

20.26 MB

What do you get when you combine razor sharp humor, a sprinkle of farce, a dash of spoof, a ton of eye-candy and the Nanny from Nanny and the Professor? Well, the only possible product is Here TV’s outrageous, new sitcom From Here on OUT!

3/13/14 - Kristen Ellis-Henderson & David Toussaint

20.26 MB

Our good and absurdly talented buddy Kristen Ellis-Henderson, founding member of Antigone Rising, returns to the show to dish about the music industry, to reveal that Ken is the band’s muse(!) and to come dangerously close to announcing a solo career.

Rainbow Rewind 7/25/13 - A Great Big World & Dr. Frankie

20.26 MB

A second chance to hear Ken go all fangirl as he is joined by A Great Big World, a band that you absolutely need to know. They’re. So. Good! All this AND our regular relationship/dating advice segment with Dr. Frankie. What if your pets are clashing? When do you know if she’s the “one”?

2/27/14 - Mariah Hanson

20.29 MB

She’s ba-aaaack!! Mariah Hanson, creator of the lesbian extravaganza The Dinah, returns for her annual visit to talk all things bacchanalia: What were her early parties like? What sets her events apart from all the others? Why don’t people invite her out? How can Ken become a Cabana Girl?!?

Then, Ken sounds off on the news. For a while. Hey, Arizona has got him more than a bit riled up!


2/20/14 - Eliza Byard & Suzanne Westenhoefer

20.26 MB

It’s our 250th episode (!!!) and we’re welcoming two of the most incredible guests around. First up, Eliza Byard, the Executive Director of GLSEN, joins us to talk about how our LGBT youth are currently faring in our schools and what you (YES YOU!) can do to get more involved to create an even safer climate.

2/13/14 - Fortune Feimster & Rebecca Kling

20.29 MB

Hilarity. Insight. Education. Art. All wrapped up in one episode! First up, the always-entertaining Fortune Feimster drops in to talk about her comedy, her tennis skills and her advice for young minds (randomly go to Spain!).

2/6/14 - Katie Glover & Chadwick Moore

20.29 MB

We dive into the wonderful world of LGBT publications this week. First up, we’re joined by Katie Glover, the editor of Frock Magazine (a truly stunning publication!), as we chat about everything from voice to building a vibrant trans community to dreadful English weather.

1/30/14 - Darren Ockert & Brian Andersen

20.29 MB

First up, indie-electro-pop-artist Darren Ockert returns with the release of his new album AND he and Ken launch their (soon-to-be-legendary) songwriting collaboration! Then, comic book creator Brian Andersen joins us to talk x-folks, gay heroes and…Cher-Hulk?!? All this and quite a bit of news from Ken including his obsession with Queen Latifah. Seriously…obsession.


1/23/14 - Will Clark & Ian Harvie

20.26 MB

A major announcement from our dear friend (and philanthropist and actor and emcee and…) Will Clark as we cover everything from Bingo to soap stars to Will proposing to Ken (at least, that’s what Ken heard). Then, we’re joined by the hilarious, adorable and delightful Ian Harvie who entertains and educates us with his unique perspective. A most fun episode!

1/16/14 - Sonari Glinton, Zoe Chace & Jason Dudey

20.26 MB

One episode. 3 guests. So. Much. Fun! First up, NPR’s own Sonari Glinton and Zoe Chace join forces to talk about everything from Eydie Gormé to Kanye West to their new hit talk show that simply must be created if we have anything to say about it.

1/9/14 - Erin Foley & Andy Humm

20.23 MB

Hilarity and history, all wrapped up in one episode. First up, Erin Foley brings the funny as we talk about comedy, sports and, of course, gluten! Then, pioneering journalist Andy Humm joins us to provide his invaluable perspective on today’s LGBT events. Plus, a brief bit of a news round-up with Ken…outing: yay or nay? Sound off!

1/2/14 - Neda Ulaby & Dana Goldberg

20.26 MB

We’re ringing in 2014 in SO gay fashion. First up, we elatedly welcome NPR’s Neda Ulaby back to the show in the most wide-ranging chat covering everything from Midwestern gays to Winona Ryder to Supernatural fan-fiction and quite a bit in between. Then, the truly hilarious Dana Goldberg joins us to talk hungry vegetarians, Jewish mothers and the irrepressible fashion trend of polar bear ties.

Rainbow Rewind 3/21/13 - Luke Yankee

20.28 MB

A Rainbow Rewind for your holiday season! We’re talking legends of screen and stage (Heckart! Dietrich! Stritch!) with writer/director/producer Luke Yankee, including chatting about his Oscar-winning mother, his rock-solid father and his legendary turn as Tevye. All this, AND we find out what made Jodi a lesbian.

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