2/23/17 - Karen Mason & Darren Calhoun

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Two different individuals using two different voices in two very different ways. And we all win for their efforts.

2/16/17 - Elizabeth Schwartz & True Colors: Out Youth Theater

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It’s Valentine’s Day Week and we’re celebrating the only way we know how: by loving the voices that are out there making a difference!

2/9/17 - Mariah Hanson & Max Vernon

67.58 MB

There are folks out there working their tails off to provide us with entertainment, and we're all the better for it!

First up, our dear friend-of-the-show Mariah Hanson joins us to talk all about this year’s legendary The Dinah! She details how this year will, without question, be an absolute blast. But she also places the event within our troubled national landscape and explains how this year’s extravaganza will be a party…with a purpose. It sounds amazing!

2/2/17 - Ian Harvie & Dr. Jon P. Higgins

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We say it week in and week out: there are so many ways to use your voice to make a difference. And here are two more for you to enjoy!

First up, comedian/actor/change-agent Ian Harvie rejoins us three years (to the day!) after his first appearance on our show, and OH how much has changed! He tells tale of his time in Hollywood, his new comedy special, and has more than a bit to share about what comedy is life under this new president.

1/26/17 - Terry Ray & Loni Anderson

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Laughter and legends and Loni, oh my! We have you covered on this week’s episode as we dive into the new comedy “My Sister is So Gay.”

First up, writer/actor/producer Terry Ray leaps back onto our show to entertain us as he always does. He really has the most incredible stories and brings us his patented bad of throwback-but-modern energy that will leave you smiling.

1/19/17 - Gilbert Caldwell, Marilyn Bennett & Lucas Grindley

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Whether you are using your voice or your pen, it is so important at this moment in time to be engaged to make a difference. Our guests this week show you how it’s done.

1/12/17 - Margaret Cho & Ryan Jay

67.55 MB

There is nothing quite like the opportunity to chat with heroes and people who make you smile. Well, oh how we have that for you this week!

First up, the legendary and iconic comedian/actress/change-maker Margaret Cho joins us for a chat about everything from her early start in comedy to The Golden Palace to Carrie Fisher. Plus, she dishes on her Grammy-nominated new musical comedy album AND what style trend she would like to see gone (watch out, doilies!)

1/5/17 - Aaron Van Voorhis & Jared Milrad

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It’s our first episode of 2017 and we’re bringing you not one, but two incredible gents using their voice to make a difference in the world.

12/29/16 - Andrew Keenan-Bolger & Adam Wachter

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It’s our last episode of 2016, so we’re packing two guests into the show for the price of only one. Also, a reminder, this show is free.

12/22/16 - Neda Ulaby

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It’s time again for the This Show is So Gay Christmas Spectacular! And there’s only one way to celebrate here...

We are overjoyed to be joined once again by Neda Ulaby of NPR’s Arts Desk. If you have never heard Neda before (and, seriously, how is that possible?), you will love getting to know the woman behind the voice behind the stories. And all of life’s burning questions will get answered, including:

  • Santa Claus – Elf or no?

12/15/16 - Rolla Selbak

67.56 MB

This might just be the episode that breaks our little gay radio show. You MUST tune in to find out why.

12/8/16 - Sam Irvin

67.56 MB

If you’re looking to book a beautiful vacation this holiday season, might we suggest a trip to Dante’s Cove? Because THAT would be memorable.

Rainbow Rewind 5/5/16 - Paolo Presta & David Millbern

67.66 MB

It's Finals Week for Ken, so we're rewinding to a super fun show from earlier this year.

First up, we’re delighted to welcome Paolo Presta to share his incredible tale of groceries, Oprah and Will and Grace. If you have never checked out his show A Spoonful of Paolo: YOU MUST. It is a pure delight and you will see how authenticity truly abounds. Love. Him.

11/24/16 - Kenyon Farrow

67.62 MB

Look, we know spirits aren’t exactly running super high out there, but that just means that now MORE THAN EVER we need to give thanks for people doing amazing work. And one of those people is this week’s guest.

Rainbow Rewind 8/7/14 - Erin Foley & Hank E. Panky

20.29 MB

Ken is in Kansas City this week so we're bringing you some Kansas City flavor on this Rainbow Rewind.

First up, comedian Erin Foley returns to bring the laughs as we gab about everything from the rocking glory of Heart, the distinct joys of audience interaction and the warm embrace of Sallie Mae. AND, our first ever So Gay Sports Segment! What?!?

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