6/29/17 - Kirsten Palladino & Michael Korie

67.56 MB

Gay weddings and Broadway musicals? Well, heck, now THIS is a so gay episode!

6/22/17 - Alice Austen House & Barefoot Wine

67.57 MB

There's so much happening during Pride Month, it’s almost difficult to keep track. And all that activity is a great thing!

6/15/17 - Stan Zimmerman & Back Lot Bash

67.55 MB

Conversations about The Golden Girls AND gay Chicago parties all on one episode? That’s just how we roll here in Pride Month.

6/8/17 - Kate Bornstein

67.56 MB

If you ever have the opportunity to speak with one of your heroes: breathe, savor it, and don’t waste a minute! And that’s our message for you this week.

6/1/17 - Evan Wolfson, #ResistMarch & Joseph Eid

67.56 MB

We're not sure we have ever had a show as jam packed with incredible people as this one. Ever.

5/25/17 - Sam Pancake and I.W. Gregorio

67.56 MB

Another week, another opportunity to hear two inspiring voices making a difference in the world.

First up, actor/writer/producer Sam Pancake shares stories of life in Hollywood on screens both big and small. We cover everything from Wings to Cagney & Lacey to Angel to West Wing. And we even play a little Gilmore Girls trivia!

5/18/17 - Rufus Gifford & Sarah Prager

67.56 MB

Whether you’re hosting a radio show, writing a book, or, y’know, serving as a United States Ambassador, here’s another episode to remind you to use your voice to make a difference.

5/11/17 - Billy Bean & Sue Kerr

67.57 MB

There are so many ways to use your voice to knock things out of the park. Our guests this week show us two ways to get it done!

5/4/17 - Dan Savage & Nathaniel Frank

67.56 MB

8+ years after our launch and here we are: Episode 400! To celebrate, we’re bringing you two amazing guests!

4/27/17 - Adam J. Kurtz & E. Jag Beckford

67.56 MB

If you thought we were saving all the awesomeness for next week’s 400th episode, holy rainbows are you wrong!

First up, we’re joined by author/designer/artist Adam J. Kurtz, who is a delight beyond description. His work will entertain you, inspire you, and propel you forward through this wonderful life journey.

4/20/17 - Jean Malpas & Erin Fitzgerald

67.56 MB

There is still so much important work to be done and we are pleased to feature two more voices of individuals making it happen!

4/13/17 - Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza & Roger Doughty

67.56 MB

You must tell your story. You simply must. And you must listen to the stories of others. Let us show you how.

4/6/17 - Pollo Del Mar

67.52 MB

Follow your magical path! Follow your magical path! Follow your magical path! And let us show you how.

3/30/17 - Jesse Milan, Jr.

67.57 MB

HIV/AIDS is still here. There’s still a ton of work to be done. And we need your help.

3/23/17 - Emily Saliers & Telly Leung

67.66 MB

Would that you all truly understood how closer to fine we all are now after this week’s episode with our two incredible guests.

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