10/27/16 - Elijah Oberman (The Shondes)

67.62 MB

Amazing music shouldn’t just be background sound. It should transport you. And this week’s guest uses his notes to help pick us up and move us to a better place.

10/20/16 - Rafi Mittlefehldt

67.62 MB

Amidst the chaos of a bustling world, there is nothing better than going off-line and losing yourself in a quality book. And, holy rainbows!, do we have a good one to recommend to you on this episode.

10/13/16 - Queer Ghost Hunters

67.52 MB

Sometimes you think you’ve heard it all. And then you hear about another amazing and unique idea and all is right with the world. That’s the case this week.

10/6/16 - Dr. Kevin Nadal

67.62 MB

Attention students: The concept of the week is “activist-scholar,” so pick up those pencils because your final exam starts right now!

9/29/16 - Rob Smith

67.62 MB

Oh how quickly the time flies! It has been 5 years(!) since the historic repeal of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" and we’re commemorating that occasion with an incredible guest.

9/22/16 - Jane Elliott

67.71 MB

There are amazing folks using their voice to make a difference. And then there are LEGENDS whose words and actions have transformed lives. This week, we’re featuring the latter.

9/15/16 - Dr. Frankie Bashan

67.66 MB

If you need incredible love and relationship advice, you most CERTAINLY have come to the right place with this week’s episode!

9/8/16 - Will Clark

67.66 MB

Sometimes life you throws all sorts of rainbow-colored curveballs. The question is: how do you navigate the transition?

9/1/16 - Barry Kerollis

67.55 MB

Why use your voice in just one way when you can get make a difference in a whole flipping TON of ways?!? That’s the message of this week’s episode.

Rainbow Rewind 9/10/15 - AJ Bockelman & Chris Hartman

40.57 MB

It's Back to School Week for Ken, so we're taking this opportunity to replay the episode that earned us the "Excellence in Podcasting Award" from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association.

First up, AJ Bockelman, the executive director of PROMO, gives us tips on how to move things forward in the great state of Missouri from legislation to coalition-building to leading meaningful transformation. And, he has exciting news for the future!

8/18/16 - Justin Sayre

67.56 MB

There is nothing better than someone putting their authentic voice out there for all of us to hear. And this week’s guest is certainly no exception.

8/11/16 - Xavii Matisse

67.56 MB

Here’s the thing: if you don’t see what you want out there in the world, you have to take action to create it. Heed the example of this week’s episode.

8/4/16 - Dr. Michele Angello & J. Tyler

67.66 MB

Two very different guests using their voice in two very different ways to make a difference. And that’s how we like it!

First up, therapist/sexologist/author Dr. Michele Angello joins us to talk about her work with transgender youth and adults. We cover everything from how she approaches this work to that time she was on Dr. Phil’s couch to her excitement for the Gender Odyssey conference!

7/28/16 - Charley Walters

67.55 MB

Stand on your rainbow podium, friends. Because this week, we are ALL winning the gold medal!

We’re joined by Olympics correspondent/super-fan Charley Walters to talk all things Rio! Why should we be excited? What are the safety concerns moving forward? Who are the out LGBTQ athletes to watch? When will Ken and Charley be debuting their rhythmic gymnastics team routine? (answer: soon)

7/21/16 - Reverend Irene Monroe

67.66 MB

What is your calling to do good in this world? Whether it is faith-based, ink-based, or radio-based, this week’s episode is all about using your voice to make a difference.

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