Rainbow Rewind 3/21/13 - Luke Yankee

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A Rainbow Rewind for your holiday season! We’re talking legends of screen and stage (Heckart! Dietrich! Stritch!) with writer/director/producer Luke Yankee, including chatting about his Oscar-winning mother, his rock-solid father and his legendary turn as Tevye. All this, AND we find out what made Jodi a lesbian.

12/19/13 - Nhojj & Daniel Gray

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Singer/songwriter Nhojj wants to build an LGBT Center in Guyana and he needs your help to do it! Listen in to hear all about this unique and vital project. AND, our very favorite musical-ball-of-energy Daniel Gray takes on a new role as our Pop Culture Correspondent. The Sound of Music, Britney, Beyoncé…thumbs up or down? Find out by downloading this week’s episode today!


12/12/13 - Kate Clinton & Matt Crabtree

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As Ken welcomes back two entertaining entertainers, there is no doubt that this week’s episode will entertain you! First up, political humorist Kate Clinton returns (after a 3 year absence!) to talk everything from LGBT progress to the Cheney sisters to Thanksgivukkah to death. Yes, that’s right...death.

RAINBOW REWIND! - 5/30/13 - Sherry Vine & Reverend Colglazier

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A second chance to hear one of our favoritest episodes! First up, the legendary Sherry Vine makes a triumphant return to our show and, unsurprisingly - Cracks. Ken. Up. Then The Reverend Dr. R.

11/28/13 - Cathy Renna & John Becker

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Gobble gobble! We’re taking a step back this week to look at the wider LGBT landscape. And what better way to view the terrain than with two of our favorite media personalities?!? First up, Cathy Renna returns to talk about storytelling, Queens and the most fabulous 84 year-old around.

11/21/13 - Christopher Hennessy & Hannah Thomas

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Poet Christopher Hennessy drops in for a fascinating chat on rhyme, interviewing techniques and why we all should be reading far more gay poetry. Then, singer/songwriter Hannah Thomas joins us to share her energy, talent and appreciation for the amazing musical ride she is having.

11/14/13 - Patricia Racette & Kirsten Ott Palladino

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We’re joined first by the divine, peerless and endlessly entertaining soprano extraordinaire Patricia Racette who shares tales of life on-stage and off and squares off in one of our most entertaining editions of the Newlywed Game. Then, our dear friend Kirsten Ott Palladino, editor-in-chief of Equally Wed magazine, returns with the latest wedding ideas, proposal techniques and to share a fact about gift-giving that rocks. Ken’s.

11/7/13 - Adam Sank & Kergan Edwards-Stout

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First up, funnyman Adam Sank returns with hilarious tales of nudity, Weather Girls, Elks and ziti! Then, our author-in-residence Kergan Edwards-Stout shares stories of family, holidays and maybe even a potential new Tu B'Shevat fable?!?

10/31/13 - On HIV & AIDS

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An entire episode dedicated to talking about HIV/AIDS. First up, clinician/researcher/humanitarian Dr. Gary Blick walks us through some HIV/AIDS history, gives us the current state of affairs and offers forth a crucial global perspective.

10/24/13 - Kris Hermanns & Deborah Plummer

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First up, we’re taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest as we chat with Kris Hermanns, executive director of Pride Foundation, about everything from strategic visions to badgers to gay Montana!

10/17/13 - Sister Vicious PHB & Elyzabeth Holford

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We’re talking inspired activism this week starting with Sister Vicious PHB one of the original founders of the legendary Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Then we’re joined by Elyzabeth Holford, executive director of Equality Ohio, who teaches us how to move forward as a community…no matter which of the 3 “C” cities in in Ohio you may find yourself.


10/10/13 - Brian Nash & Dr. Frankie

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Piano man Brian Nash joins us to dish on everything from Tori Amos to gay cruises to former-call-girls-turned-chanteuses (?!?). AND, Dr. Frankie is back to answer your questions on fetishes, open relationships, exes and Boca Raton boobage. Seriously.

Winter – Tori Amos
Caught a Light Sneeze – Tori Amos

10/3/13 - Lori Michaels & Sacha Sacket

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Lesbian superstar singer/songwriter Lori Michaels joins us to share in the NJ/NYU violet love and to try to get Ken in a tutu. Then, long-lost musical friend Sacha Sacket returns to us after 4(!) years to talk about his experience in It Gets Better – The Musical.

Halo – Sacha Sacket

9/26/13 - OUTLoud Oral History Project & Scott Free

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First up, legendary LGBT pioneers Steven F. Dansky and John Knoebel join us to talk about their incredible oral history project that you must go help fund. Now!

Rainbow Rewind 6/20/13 - Traci Dinwiddie, Chris Brown & Samia

23.67 MB

A second chance to hear one of our FAVORITIST episodes. Ken has returned from AIDS LifeCycle 2013 and is bringing some of that experience to you all with actress/fundraising superstar Traci Dinwiddie and Chris Brown of the LA Gay and Lesbian Center.

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