8/18/16 - Justin Sayre

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There is nothing better than someone putting their authentic voice out there for all of us to hear. And this week’s guest is certainly no exception.

8/11/16 - Xavii Matisse

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Here’s the thing: if you don’t see what you want out there in the world, you have to take action to create it. Heed the example of this week’s episode.

8/4/16 - Dr. Michele Angello & J. Tyler

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Two very different guests using their voice in two very different ways to make a difference. And that’s how we like it!

First up, therapist/sexologist/author Dr. Michele Angello joins us to talk about her work with transgender youth and adults. We cover everything from how she approaches this work to that time she was on Dr. Phil’s couch to her excitement for the Gender Odyssey conference!

7/28/16 - Charley Walters

67.55 MB

Stand on your rainbow podium, friends. Because this week, we are ALL winning the gold medal!

We’re joined by Olympics correspondent/super-fan Charley Walters to talk all things Rio! Why should we be excited? What are the safety concerns moving forward? Who are the out LGBTQ athletes to watch? When will Ken and Charley be debuting their rhythmic gymnastics team routine? (answer: soon)

7/21/16 - Reverend Irene Monroe

67.66 MB

What is your calling to do good in this world? Whether it is faith-based, ink-based, or radio-based, this week’s episode is all about using your voice to make a difference.

7/14/16 - Udi Behr

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Activism comes in so many shapes and sizes. Or as this episode shows us, activism can also vary by cut, color, clarity and carat!

7/7/16 - Tucky Williams

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Sure, the years may go by. But that doesn’t stop our amazing guests from putting amazing content out into the world. Case in point: this week’s episode!

6/30/16 - Chadwick Moore

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The pen (with rainbow ink) is ALWAYS mightier than the sword and this week gives you another example of just that!

6/23/16 - Marina Rice Bader

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Sometimes you have to pause, breathe, do some self-care and then go back to getting your voice out there to make a difference in the world. That’s the case with this week’s episode.

Rainbow Rewind 7/31/14 - Sharon Stapel

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We're going to take a break this week and give you a second chance to hear a really great (and appropriate-for-this-week) episode.

6/9/16 - Jeffrey Marsh

67.53 MB

Get ready, folks, because we’re shining “Pure, Authentic Light” straight into your soul this week!

6/2/16 - The Reverend Dr. R. Scott Colglazier

67.53 MB

Have you ever walked away after a conversation feeling, “I was put here to have this conversation, with this person, at this time”? This week’s episode is just one of those moments.

We’re honored to welcome back to our show The Reverend Dr. R. Scott Colglazier (Senior Minister of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles). We cover a broad range of questions at the intersection of spirituality and identity including:

5/26/16 - The Girls Hour & Susan Surftone

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Sit back and listen to three incredible guests using their voices to make a difference in this world!

First up, Jen and Michele, hosts of The Girls Hour, stop in to gab about their wonderful radio show/podcast and all the incredible opportunities that come along with it. Also, if you listen closely, it’s kinda sorta possible that Ken marries them on this episode. We’re a full-service show!

Rainbow Rewind 4/9/15 - Eli Conley & Adam Ragusea

67.91 MB

Ken is in Guatemala(!) this week so here's your second chance to hear a great and recent episode!

First up, the über talented musician Eli Conley joins us to talk about voice: how you can use it to lift up listeners, explore your own identity and even provide therapy for your audiences. He’s headed out on tour and you must must MUST catch him in a city near you.

5/12/16 - Arthur Slepian & Adam Feldman

67.52 MB

Two very different guests using their voices in 2 very different ways…there’s nothing better than that!

First up, Arthur Slepian, founder and executive director of A Wider Bridge, joins us to talk all about building bridges between Israelis and LGBTQ North Americans and allies. We deconstruct a ton of critical values in our community from engagement to communal responsibility to justice. Heck, we even talk about the Ethiopian Israeli LGBT community!

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